9 Tips to Increase Sales on Meesho

Meesho has enabled 4 Lakh+ businesses to thrive online. Whether small or large or branded or unbranded, every business is growing on Meesho. Some stores even have hired resellers to distribute their products further.

So, you have a cut-throat competition if you want to increase sales on Meesho. But you can. With some effort, you can. It’s not impossible.

In this article, we’re covering 9 tips to help you boost Meesho sales online. You’ll learn how to reach more customers and increase your product sales on Meesho.

Let’s check them out.

9 Tips to increase sales in Meesho store

Here’s how to boost sales on Meesho.

Tips to Increase Sales on Meesho

1. Upload a higher number of catalogues

Having a variety in your Meesho store is a great way to attract customers. Customers love to browse through different products before making their decision.

Choose your products carefully and make sure you have an ample variety to offer.

For example, if you’re selling sports equipment, also have accessories like gloves and shoes. Along with sarees, also stock kurtis and other women’s garments. The hig

her the catalogues you have, the better the chances of customers buying from you.


2. Keep competitive product pricing

You must price your product at the same levels as others to increase sales on Meesho. Being greedy can be counter-productive for your growth. If someone gets your product at ₹399 somewhere, they won’t like to pay you, say, ₹649.

Go through different Meesho stores, browse their products, and notice how much they charge. If you can set a lesser price, while still pocketing a chunk of profit, do it.

Keep your overhead costs at a minimum and do whatever you need to control your expenses.


3. Add multiple images of products

It’s best to capture images from different angles to help customers see how the product looks. Multiple product images provide customers with enough details to understand the product. 

Also, place the product you’re selling on a white or simple background to get the best images. The idea is to have professional-looking product pictures.

You can also use an online photo editor like Canva to add brief product information to the images. When prospective customers get all the info at a glance, they’ll be more inclined to buy from you.


4. Have attractive product packaging

Thoughtful packaging makes the product exotic. When someone receives their product in attractive packaging, they’re more likely to buy from you again. 

And while you’re at packaging, make sure you include a little surprise in every package. It can be as simple as inserting a hand-written “Thank You” card or some funny stickers.

Take them by surprise, and they’ll remember you and refer you to others.


5. Promote on social media

Social media promotion is essential to reach more customers. You don’t need to be on every social media platform. But it’s necessary to be where your customers are.

Facebook is usually the ideal choice for all sorts of customers. You can find many customers for your products through posts and ad campaigns. Blusteak’s case studies are the proof of it.

You can also try Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter to get in touch with more. So, give some time to understand what works best for your business.


6. Run ads on Meesho

Running ads on Meesho is an indisputable way to increase sales on your Meesho store. The ads display on top of other product listings, boosting your products’ visibility.

Meesho Ads makes it easy to be in front of your customers. They also enable you to track the performance of all ads and make better data-based decisions.

By being present at the right place at the right time, you can entertain more orders.


7. Sign up for Next Day Dispatch

Meesho’s Next Day Dispatch (NDD) program also increases the chances of improving your sales. When you sign up for the NDD program, your products get a badge saying that you ship the very next day. So, prospective customers are more likely to order from you.

With the NDD program, your product catalogues appear at the top of the listings. And because of faster dispatch, the number of order cancellations and returns will also be lower.


8. Watch Seller Panel analytics

In the world of e-commerce (and Meesho), analytics are your friend. By tracking your sales, you can understand which catalogues are selling well and which aren’t. The numbers can uncover trends you might otherwise miss.

The analytics help you understand which tweaks and promotional strategies work best. So, make sure you check the Seller Panel regularly.


9. Try different product categories

Product visibility can vary depending on which category your customers are searching more. When your products are in a more popular category, customers can spot them easily.

For example, you can list sports shoes for kids either within Sports Shoes or Kids Footwear. Similarly, wallets can go either in Men Accessories or Men Wallets. Thus, you might be able to increase Meesho store sales just by changing the category of your product catalogue.

Test all the probabilities and find your best fit.


Increase Meesho Sales with Blusteak

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With Blusteak, you’ll also get rid of tracking analytics and creating strategies for promotions. We handle it all for you. You can even delegate us your social media engagement. Whether you want to promote a specific catalogue or create an engaging video, we’ll be there with you.


Wrapping it up

Meesho has enabled many people to set up a business online. It also has led to growing competition. But, now that you know how to reach customers, put the wheels in motion and build a strategy. It’s time to boost the sales of your store.

Need some help? Get in touch with Blusteak.

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