Performance Marketing

Increase profits with pinpoint performance campaigns

Blusteak tests and tweaks to target the paying audience. We chase results, not promises.

Performance Marketing

Types of Campaigns

Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing

Ecommerce Conversions

Hyper-personalised campaigns to get website visitors to buy from you
Performance Marketing

Lead Generation Campaigns

Contextual targeting to attract higher qualified leads to share their details
Performance Marketing

App Install Campaigns

Actionable performance campaigns to drive more interested users to apps
Performance Marketing

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Targeted marketing initiatives to build real connections with the customers
Performance Marketing

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Check how Blusteak achieved 23x ROAS, cut lead cost by 66%, brought lakhs of sales and more. The secret? In-depth research and relentless finessing.

Performance Marketing

Platforms we have experience in

Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing

Our Clients

Performance Marketing

We are a result oriented performance marketing agency in India

let our results speak

Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing

Generated 17X ROAS for Healthcare Ecommerce

With a well-planned strategy, focused ad collateral, and targeted placements, Blusteak brought a ROAS of 17x, with 178x growth in sales figures.

Performance Marketing

Reduced CPL by 84% for B2B SaaS Product

By keeping the reach aptly geared to prospective customers, Blusteak reduced the CPL by 84% while improving daily sales.

Performance Marketing

Gave 55X in Sales for Apparel Ecommerce

Hand-picked data-driven product pages and fine-tuned ad placements brought in 55x more sales, with a decent 4x ROAS.

Performance Marketing

Reaped 13X ROAS for Ayurveda Product

A combo of ads and streamlined Shopify store experience generated 13x ROAS with sales figures reaching about ₹2 crores within a year.

Performance Marketing

Brought Leads to EdTech Platform at CPL of 29.19

With rigorous Facebook Ads targeting, Blusteak brought 3000+ leads at a cost of only ₹29.19 per lead.

Performance Marketing

Clocked ₹78L+ in Sales for Stationery Brand in 2 Months

A measured proportion of Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads and influencer campaigns brought ₹78L+ in sales with 14x ROAS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a performance marketing agency do?

A performance marketing agency specialises in marketing campaigns tied to specific results. They assign measurable metrics to measure the success of their campaigns and make data-based decisions.

Why should businesses hire a performance marketing agency?

A performance marketing agency is native to the digital world and know how to leverage technology. They bring fresh ideas and add new perspectives to deliver better results.

As a performance marketing agency in India, Blusteak Media understands your business and your target market deeply before planning a campaign. A thorough understanding helps us invest your campaign budget suitably.

The benefits of working with Blusteak are:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Deliver results
  • Increase revenue
  • Prevent headache
What are the services included in our performance campaign?

As an online performance marketing agency in India, Blusteak offers the entire bouquet of services needed for performance marketing India campaign.

These services include:

  • Finding and targeting right audience
  • Creating and optimising lead funnels
  • Running performance campaigns
  • Assigning success metrics
  • Designing creatives
  • Writing copy and captions
  • Tracking campaign KPIs
How does Blusteak track campaign results?

Blusteak digital performance marketing company India uses several KPIs to track campaign results. These vary according to the campaign objective and needs of the clients. Our major performance KPIs are:

  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per purchase
  • Cost per landing page view
  • Click-through rate
  • Cost per engagement
  • Cost per milestone
  • Cost per app install

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Performance Marketing
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