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Tripled Instagram Reels View in Just 45 days

The reel section on Instagram is hard to crack when there are already so many creators, and the competition is at an all-time high. But, in just 45 days, Blusteak tripled Telyport’s Instagram reel view and improved its engagement by 500%. We are so thrilled to go into details and explain how we cracked it- 


About the client 

Telyport is one of a kind delivery service app, which helps people send and receive packages citywide. It’s a tri-service model that lets you decide on three different time frames, depending on the urgency of the delivery. Customers can also mention the package size to avoid any transit damage.

The Telyport app is available on both Android and iOS for free. Also, many businesses can access Telyport via their business dashboard or as an API integration on their webpage or app to give fast delivery service to their customers.


Brand concerns 

Telyport is a new brand with fresh ideas, who want to reach out to more people and gain engagement on Instagram. 

The brand wanted Blusteak to help with gaining new followers and building a social presence on the platform. 


Our challenges

Our biggest challenge here was creating content that stands out and inspires the user to engage or even follow the Telyport page. 

before reels optimization

So, our team started to try everything that has worked out for us in the past to understand if it was behaving in the same manner for Telyport. 

After this process, we created a solid line between what worked and what did not. 

Let’s first see what didn’t work with Telyport-

❌Dancing for songs and pointing out to text boxes (Most people do this, but didn’t benefit here) 

❌Giving direct tips without comparing the right and wrong 

❌Having a preachy tone 

❌Having topics that are though relevant to the brand, are not of interest to the audience (This mindset shift is crucial for anyone creating content for a business)

❌Sharing info which is easily found on google 

❌Using songs that are trending though it’s not making sense to the reel

Now, it’s time to unlock the solutions that worked out brilliantly. 


The Ultimate Solution 

Blusteak came up with four major solutions that helped Telyport gain engagement, reel view, and followers-

1. Mind Mapping Contents that are related to the problems that the app solves 

Reels are more than just a 60-sec video feature on Instagram. It allows businesses to have a face and interact with a community of like-minded people. Posting just anything wouldn’t make much difference. 

Our motive for creating reels was to make people realize that they need Telyport and how it can help solve their problems. 

So, to build that awareness, we started creating content on different situations like how we misplace things, don’t have time to get chores done, forget important docs, etc., and the solution was through Telyport. 

We also made sure that we included text in the video to avoid any disconnect with the audience. Our reels have stories that are universally applicable and not just targeting a specific audience.


2. Relatable content > Trendy songs 

Many people believe that making reels on trendy songs is your only chance to go viral. 

But, Blusteak broke that stereotype. 

Instead of focusing all our time on making reels that didn’t associate with the brand, we created unique and crisp content that made us stand out. 

Doing this consistently for just 45 days gave us a total of 50k views on our reels. 

Trending songs will definitely push the video to more people; however, if the content isn’t relatable, we don’t think it will give your brand the interaction it craves. 

Instagram reels views increase


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3. Having a Strict Frequency & Schedule  

Reels work on consistency, recency, and content. 

If you crack this, there is no number that you can’t achieve. 

So, our team made sure that we posted at least 2 reels a week with enough gap for people to enjoy and interact with the content.   

Another major observation is not to delete your reels even if they don’t perform well. Instagram algorithm sometimes pushes content after two to three weeks. 

You can also share them on stories to improve further engagement. 


4. You need to make it look organic – reduced CTAs

All our reels have a story and a motive. We shared content that created awareness about Telyport without forcing people to check out our profile. 

Many times, we didn’t add a CTA, and it worked fine. 

Our reels were a bundle of information itself; anyone could tell what Telyport did. 

So, our strategy was to make shorter reels of 15 seconds and add transitions. 

This way, our content was more catchy and to the point. 


The Final Result

After all the hit and trial methods, we were able to significantly increase the reel engagement rate by 5x and the reel views by 3x

after reels optimization

Not just this, we also saw an increase in the number of followers that made the campaign successful. 

Using the right strategy, being consistent, and posting the right content worked well for Telyport. 

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