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Increased Instagram Followers by 7k Organically in Just 90 Days

Our recent collaboration with Marketfeed gave us some amazing results. Our client gained over 7000 followers in mere three months. For some, this might sound crazy, but this case study explains everything about how Blusteak did this. Let’s dive in. 

About the client 

Marketfeed is just the right platform if you want regular updates on the stock market. The brand focuses on educating people on investing and creating awareness of what’s happening in the finance world. 

The Marketfeed app is available on both android and apple, where it empowers users to become informed market investors. With its paid subscription, users can get an ad-free experience and get trading advice from SEBI registered experts. 


Brand concern 

Marketfeed wanted us to handle their Instagram page. When we took over their account, they had around 28k followers, which is ‘yes’ a decent number, but the growth needed a push. 

They wanted to gain a good number of quality followers who are interested in the stock market world.


Our challenges 

Social media is quite a crowded space now. There are a lot of accounts that talk about the same niche and have already established their authority. 

With so much content available, users become choosy. They don’t like following pages that post the same redundant content that other creators already post. 

So, our task was to create a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

We wanted users to feel that they are missing out on information by not following Marketfeed.

And that’s not easy. After a number of hit and trial methods, we cracked the code, and the followers just kept pouring in.  

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The Ultimate Solution

Blusteak came up with four major solutions that helped Marketfeed gain quite a lot of followers-

1. Know your competitors well

Our team made sure that we were well aware of other top Instagram account in the same niche and understood what they posted. This way, we could track their posting consistency, content topics, hashtags, and engagement rates. 

Now that our data was in place, our social media team could easily determine which posts performed well and which topics gained the highest number of likes and shares. 

In fact, this is something we do regularly. Even though we have done our research in the past, we still keep updating our information and analytics with the latest numbers. 

2. Publish posts on trending topics

Consistency, engagement, and content are the three pillars of your Instagram growth

And, if you miss any of the three, your follower growth wouldn’t be very exciting. 

We knew that our content strategy needed to be on-point to encourage anyone to follow us. 

Our team used our research and identified topics similar to our niche with the highest engagement. 

We carved creative content on IPOs, personal finance, expert opinions, and special events. These topics were always trending and were all over the explore page. 

Our team made sure that we posted great content consistently when most people on our page were active. This instantly boosted our engagement and increased our impressions to reach a lot of new users. 

3. Finishing posts with CTAs

Call-to-action is the most crucial thing that every public account should focus on. 

And, we did the same. 

If you check out our post, you will find a CTA at the end. 

So, when a user is reading through your content, that person needs to be directed to the next step.

We spent a lot of time carving the perfect CTA for Marketfeed. 

All our CTAs include mentions of other platforms where they can find Marketfeed, so side-by-side, we are working on increasing traffic on all these platforms too. 

4. Focused more on visual communication 

In our experience with creating social media content, we have seen a drastic improvement in engagement when we use visuals on our carousels. Merely text-based posts don’t do well nor attract viewers to read through the entire post. 

Even stats have shown that our human brain processes images approx. 60,000 times faster than text. So, when we add graphics, people instantly process the image and look out for similar information. 

Our designers ensure that the images are well connected to the topic with the perfect colour palette to complement the posts. 


The Final Results 

Our hard work has finally paid off. 

Something that felt challenging became true in just three months. 

Using the right strategies on the right people gave us excellent results. 

Marketfeed was able to gain 7000 organic followers with a consistent increase in its engagement rates. 

For every project that we take up in Blusteak, our team understands the brand and its concern in depth. This way, we get to target the right pain point and improve by incorporating the latest methods. 

Beware of hiring scams in our name; we never ask for payment from candidates.