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Zero to 1000 LinkedIn followers With Zero Percent Unfollow Rate

LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B brands; this is where most Fortune 500 decision-makers like to spend their time. They are actively looking for quality content and are happy to engage with businesses to solve their problems. Thus, having an active LinkedIn page is important. 

Blusteak recently collaborated with Equipo to help them reach their first 1000 followers with a zero percent unfollow rate. 


About the client 

Equipo is a B2B SaaS brand that simplifies care management for hospitals in the US. The platform is dedicatedly made to help care providers optimize their workflow and use advanced technology like machine learning to streamline data across departments. 

This care-coordination platform helps healthcare providers with tele-visit management, referral management, quality reporting, and smart alert bots. Utilizing these features will help hospitals amplify patient care and scrap out any unnecessary cost. 


Brand Concerns 

Working to achieve the LinkedIn goal for Equipo was extremely challenging. 

The target audience for Equipo is hospital administrators in the operation department. Mostly these people aren’t much active on any social media platform, including LinkedIn. 

And, finding those who will be willing to connect with Equipo and engage with the brand was a task in itself. 

The target audience is so narrow that we couldn’t even target them through ads, so we tried organic. 


The Ultimate Solution 

After all the hit and trial methods and analysing our challenges, our team came up with the following solutions-

1. Posting consistently 

Like any other social media site, LinkedIn promotes users that post consistently. It enhances your activity on the platform, and your content reaches more people. Besides this, we also played with our posting timings. Finding the right time was crucial since we had a very inactive audience. 

2. Created content that spoke directly to our target audience 

Users on LinkedIn are quite choosy on the type of content they want to consume.

And, the people that we are targeting usually do not spend a lot of their time on the platform. This makes it harder for us to grab their attention and encourage people to engage with our content. 

Our team was very particular about what we wanted to post for Equipo. We created a content pillar to filter out ideas unrelated to the brand. 

Our major focus was on referral management, care coordination, care gap measures, patient engagement, telehealth, etc. 

We then started to correlate our focus topic with the problems faced by hospital administrators of the operation team, aka our target audience. For instance, how to improve the revenue cycles for the doctors or tips to set up a value-based care system for the patients.

Posting such niche-specific content fetched Equipo its first 100-200 followers. 

3. Talked about our brand (without being salesy)

Now that we have addressed the problem of our target audience, we had to guide them on the solution as well. Equipo is an excellent care coordination platform, and talking about what we can do best without being too salesy is the first step of building niche-specific authority. 

Apart from covering our audience’s pain points, we also included at least one service of Equipo a month in our content calendar. Every month we would select a service and create content around topics that highlighted its importance. 

Our content was the driving force to get more followers and talk of our client’s expertise.

4. Strategically used our company page credits 

LinkedIn has the highest engagement rate of any social media site. But, company pages do not get much interaction, so attracting our target audience solely on content was challenging. 

Every month LinkedIn offers 100 credit points to a company’s page. These can be used to send invites, but credits get refilled as the connections accept those invites. We knew that if we could use this to our advantage, it would be a game-changer for our brand. 

So, when we started inviting people to our page, we found that we could attract 200 new followers using our 100 credit points each month. Our ROI right now was 2x the credit points with zero percent of unfollowing. 

Our team divided the credits throughout the month. We would invite about 20 people at the start of the week and slowly increase the invitations by mid-week.

As our credits get refilled, we could invite more people to follow Equipo. Most of our followers came from this strategy. 

5. Asked Equipo team to share the brand content 

Another way through which we accelerated our follower growth was via reposting. We asked the Equipo team to share the brand’s content on their LinkedIn feed. This meant that more people of our target audience would see and interact with the content. 

Besides, the first few engagements with the content boost its visibility to more people. Another advantage is that when someone likes the post, their connections can also see it in their feed.

6. Interacted via messages 

Once we got our first few followers, we engaged with them on messages. We would send them our polls that talked about the various issues they faced. 

This was a win-win thing for us; many of them participated in the poll, which gave us an idea of our upcoming content and improved our posts’ engagement. Even if they didn’t, they would check out our company page, find out our services, and increase website visits.


The Final Result 

To grow a company’s page on LinkedIn is always challenging. Most people think they are dead, but there is always a way to make things work if you use the right strategies. 

With our consistent effort, Blusteak was able to bring Equipo its first 1000 followers with a zero percent unfollowing rate. 


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