How to Send Bulk Messages to Telegram Group Members? -Broadcast Telegram Messages

Although Telegram is feature-rich, sending bulk messages to Telegram group members can be frustrating. There’s no easy way to select all users at once and broadcast your message.

Thus, custom-made Telegram tools to the rescue. Custom Telegram apps, bots, and scripts can easily scrape target audience details from different groups. They can segment the users and send them automated direct messages.

So, in this article, we’re providing you with five ways to send bulk messages to Telegram group members. Using these tools, you can find niche target audiences and get high open rates for your messages.

Let’s dive in.


Why should businesses use Telegram to send bulk messages?

Telegram marketing is cost-effective to market your business to your target audience. In the present times, where people are averse to promotional messages, you can reach out to them. Some of the benefits of using Telegram for bulk messages are:

  • Find niche audience:

Telegram is an ideal app to find and target a niche audience. By looking into the right groups and channels, you can grow a broad user base for your business marketing.

  • Get high open rates:

Telegram is a messenger app. So, the messages sent on Telegram reach the users directly. It speeds up organic growth and brings leads fast.

  • Automate tasks:

Telegram has bots to perform a variety of tasks. You can even create custom bots to automate different processes and engage your audience.

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Five ways to send bulk messages to Telegram group members

Following are the five ways to use Telegram bulk message sender tools.

How to Send Bulk Messages to Telegram Group Members

1. vUser Telegram Bulk Sender Bot

The first and best software for sending bulk messages in Telegram is the Virtual-User software, which has more features than any of its competitors. This software is installed on your Windows system and sends as many messages as you want without the need for a fee. However, this software is not free, but it has a very reasonable price and is definitely worth buying compared to the other free software programs and its own competitors.

We recommend that you take a look at the various features it has and compare it with competitors.

Telegram Bulk Message Sender

The bot, that comes with a lifetime license, can extract IDs from groups and send direct messages to IDs or mobile numbers. Using this bot, you can add IDs or send messages to the groups automatically. The bot package also includes the valuable tutorial on tips and tricks not to get blocked and reported.

2. Telegram bulk message sender for PC

Telegram Sender is a software for Windows PC to send bulk messages to Telegram group or channel members. With one click, you can send messages to all the Telegram users you have. You can add users manually or import them from a file.

It helps you extract the user ID of all users from groups, whether you’re the admin or not. So, Telegram Sender offers a great way to market to your competitor group members too.

3. Telegram bulk message sender for Android

PackGram is a free app for Android mobile phones to send bulk Telegram messages. You can search for Telegram groups of your interest, type a personalised message and send it to each member individually. 

With one tap, all Telegram group members receive your promotional message. You can also get the details of the users who received your message.

4. Python script to send bulk messages on Telegram

Another way to send bulk messages on Telegram is via custom Python scripts. Here’s one from GitHub, which uses the Telegram Desktop app to send messages. For this script to work, you’ll need an Excel sheet with all the Telegram usernames to send your message.

Once set up, you just log into Telegram Desktop and run the script. The script reads the data from the Excel sheet and sends the configured message to all the users one by one.

5. Chrome extension to send bulk Telegram messages

BulkTele Chrome extension is among the easiest ways to send bulk messages to Telegram group members. You can scrape member usernames from a Telegram group and easily send them your marketing message.

It can also help extract usernames from competitor groups, and mass invite them to your own group. It is the ideal extension for those looking to grow using Telegram marketing.

6. Telegram bulk message auto forwarder

Auto forwarder Telegram bot is an alternative to send messages to multiple Telegram users. The bot can be mighty beneficial for those who need to run deals or automate their Telegram marketing.

It takes messages from groups, channels or individual users and forwards them to the selected Telegram users. It can also translate messages and customise them before forwarding them.


A little something to keep in mind

Use Telegram bulk messaging sensibly to build a respectful and warm relationship with your customers. You can communicate about new launches or new offers using it. However, try to refrain from sending anything that might be considered spam. Sending spam messages would affect your reputation and harm your business.


Wrapping it up

Telegram bulk messaging is an affordable and efficient way to reach out to your target market. It’s among the easiest way to promote your products and services. You can extract user details and send bulk messages to Telegram group members quickly using the custom tools.

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