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Amazon Marketplace Case study: Generated 11 Lakh Sales in Just 30 Days

Last month the Blusteak team launched campaigns for Alpha Ayurveda, and the results drawn were extraordinary. We were able to bring over 50% of conversion for our client’s campaigns by strategizing on product repositioning and customer feedback. Let’s dive deeper into understanding the brand challenges, the steps taken and finally, the results drawn. 


About the brand 

Alpha Ayurveda is one of India’s top Ayurvedic supplement stores with over twenty thousand satisfied customers. It believes in making the world a healthier place by using the formula Ayurveda. The brand offers various Ayurvedic supplements made through natural processes and pure ingredients.

Alpha Ayurveda is a part of  Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital that has over 40 years of experience in treating patients with the ideologies of Ayurveda. Staamigen Malt and Sakhi Tone are their best selling products on marketplaces like Amazon. 


Brand concern 

We identified from our previous campaigns that only a few products were given attention, and the others weren’t utilized to their full potential. Alpha Ayurveda isn’t just another Ayurvedic brand, all of their products have the potential to perform well in the market, so we had to find ways to maximize their sales. Let’s find out how we did that. 


The Ultimate Solution

Our team took the following steps to overcome the challenges which resulted in higher conversions

1. Repositioned Alpha products 

We observed that most Alpha products weren’t ranking for their health and wellness niche but were only trending when someone enquired about Alpha offers. So, our team decided to restructure the whole positioning of products. 

We first rebranded the product page on Amazon by adding A+ content and amplifying the role of the product on the name itself. For instance, we added terms like weight gainer, wellness, or immunity booster to rank on them. We also added a detailed description of the products, highlighting their features and why people should use them. 

And doing this has bought a significant shift in product impression, clips and final conversion. 

Amazon Marketplace Case study: Generated 11 Lakh Sales in Just 30 Days

2. Launched coupon campaigns 

For higher conversions, our team participated in a coupon event offered by Amazon. Here, we gave a 5% discount to our customers, and the response to this was phenomenal. 

amazon coupon campaign

We had a budget of Rs 5000 for this campaign, out of which we spent ₹2111 and gained 126 clips, and 65 of them were redeemed on the spot. That means we had a conversation rate of over 50%. 

And this was the result of the two coupon campaigns we launched for Alpha products; they all achieved over 50% in conversation. This campaign turned out to be a lot more successful. 

50% in conversation

3. Asked for customer review 

We know that selling on marketplaces like Amazon isn’t easy. There is a lot of competition in the market; products with higher ratings and customer reviews rank high. So, we decided to ask our customers if they would give their valuable feedback. 

To our shock, there were a lot of customers who were satisfied with the product. Here, we just had to acknowledge their purchase and encourage them to provide their ratings. Presently, most Alpha products have above 3-star ratings, and their best-selling items have more than 100 reviews with ratings above 4.0. 


Final Results 

Within a month of doing such things, our team achieved a ROAS of 10. Plus, our campaigns have performed really well, and we are looking to take bigger steps to achieve a higher ROAS and conversion.

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