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Achieved a ROAS of 10 for a Popular Pharmacy Brand

Last month the Blusteak team ran ads for a very popular pharmacy brand, and the results were extraordinary. We almost doubled the ROAS compared to the last month because we adopted one major tactic. The following case study will discuss the brand, its challenges and our solution in detail. So, let’s drive straight into it. 

About the client 

Our client is a popular pharmacy brand in Qatar that offers quality products across various sectors. The brand provides personalized, high-quality professional advice from experienced pharmacists, so anyone who walks into their store not just gets exceptional products but also excellent standards of customer service. 

Plus, many of their stores run 24*7 to cater to their client’s needs. Their dedicated team of professionals are always there to listen to the specific needs of the people and ensure medication orders are fulfilled accurately. All of this has led them to become a leading retail pharmacy chain with over 50 pharmacies strategically located and stacked up with necessary medications, cosmetics, equipment and more. 

And, Blusteak was in charge of improving the website sale of the brand. Before talking in detail about how we did that, we should first understand the brand concern in detail. 


Brand concern 

Even though we were able to increase the sales of the brand immensely, our main concern was that our website wasn’t converting much. Plus, we analysed that most of our sales came from people who searched for our products. So, our primary job was to gather data on increasing our client’s sales, getting them higher revenue. 


The Ultimate Solution

Here, we used the power of Google Analytics to improve the brand’s revenue. 

Using the Google Analytics Ecommerce report, you can analyse the purchase activity of your site or app. You can see product and transaction information, average order value, eCommerce conversion rate, time to purchase, and other data

Under the enhanced ecommerce section of Google Analytics, we selected the product performance tab. This tab includes columns such as Product revenue, Unique Purchases Quantity, Cart to Detail Rate, Buy to Detail Rate etc. 

Here, we will focus on the latter two.

Cart-To-Detail Rate is a metric in Google Analytics (when using the enhanced eCommerce module) which shows the percentage of people who put an item in their shopping cart on a website, after viewing that product’s page. This can be useful in determining how effective a product page is. 

Buy-To-Detail Rate shows the percentage of people who bought an item on a website, after viewing that product’s page. It is a Bottom of Funnel metric in Google Analytics (when using the enhanced eCommerce module). It essentially shows how successful a product page is at turning a potential buyer into an actual buyer.

Hence, a high cart to detail rate and a high Buy to detail rate essentially means the product is in good demand and customers are taking action once after going through the product page. Hence we decided to find out the products which had a good cart and buy at detailed rates and run ads for the same. 

ROAS of 10 for Pharmacy Brand

By analysing the above data, we were able to figure out which all were the in demand products at that time, and ran ads to those specific products. We could see that on running these ads our total sales and ROAS had really spiked thanks to the performance of the above campaigns. 

Achieved a ROAS of 10 for a Popular Pharmacy BrandAchieved a ROAS of 10 for a Popular Pharmacy BrandAchieved a ROAS of 10 for a Popular Pharmacy BrandAchieved a ROAS of 10 for a Popular Pharmacy BrandAchieved a ROAS of 10 for a Popular Pharmacy Brand


The final result 

After we started focusing on products that make the most sales, our numbers increased by 86% as compared to the previous month. Plus, our ROAS jumped from 6 to more than 10, even in such a competitive market. 

Our Blusteak team dug deep into numbers and experimented with ads to finally give our clients a double-digit ROAS.

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