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How Did Blusteak Created Viral Giveaway Campaign for Telyport?

Blusteak recently launched a giveaway campaign for Telyport, and it went all viral. The post got them over 129,000 views in just a span of 10 days. Not just this, we received hundreds of comments and likes. The following case study will discuss the brand, its challenges and our solution in detail. So, let’s start. 


About the client 

Telyport is a delivery app that operates in Bangalore and is now in Hyderabad too. It helps you with delivery service inside the city, which allows people to send or receive packages at the comfort of their homes. 

Telyport follows a ‘Tri-service-model’ where you can choose from different time frames of rush, express and standard depending on the urgency of delivery. Through the platform, you can send parcels up to 15 kgs no matter the distance in the city. You can easily access Telyport through iOS and Android absolutely free. Businesses can also leverage the benefits of Telyport through easy API integration. 


Brand concern

Telyport is still new in the delivery game; we have to constantly develop new ideas that help them reach more people. Since the next week was Valentine, we wanted to create some buzz to convert potential buyers into customers. Plus, the brand wanted Blusteak to help them gain new followers and build a social presence on the platform.


The Ultimate Solution 

After so much discussion, we identified that people only bought from brands they liked and trusted. So, what’s better than sending them a gift of their choice through Telyport. Our major aim here was to understand what Telyport does and why they should give it a chance. And, we did this in three ways-


1. Launched a ‘Gift of Choice’ campaign

So, we launched a giveaway named ‘Gift of Choice’. We ran this campaign from 24th Jan to 2nd Feb, which counts to 10 days. And, only winners were chosen. The offer was quite tempting, and we received such awesome feedback. 

Launched a ‘Gift of Choice’ campaign

The idea of the giveaway was very simple. Instead of us deciding on a gift ourselves, we asked our audience what they wish to see inside a package and we would make it come true. We kept the budget of Rs 1000 for each gift and asked our audience to like, comment and 3 of their friends. And, also mention what gift they would want us to deliver. 

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2. Constantly reminded our audience of the ongoing giveaway 

Besides the giveaway post, we also kept putting stories asking questions like “ if you got a package, what would you like to see inside it?” This activity was mainly to keep the community active and engaged. We also made a post on the responses we got to validate the participation and to remind the audience of the ongoing giveaway and how they can actually make it true.

reminded our audience of the ongoing giveaway 

The participants showed extra enthusiasm to the giveaway because it was gift of their choice. It gave them the freedom to choose which led to people tagging more than 3. One of the participants tagged over 50 people to get on a higher chance of winning the giveaway. 

All of this created a chain of interactions, where people who were tagged also wanted to participate. Many of us also shared our post on their stories which got some extra views. We also received responses from Telyport’s previous customers and they left some wonderful comments. So, organic and paid marketing was happening just simultaneously. 

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3. Focused on making our audience experience Telyport fastest delivery service

Since our service was delivery, this giveaway allowed us to promote it indirectly by talking about packages and their delivery with the added advantage of having to deliver any gift with no restrictions, unlike a product based company. This giveaway has given rise to many more users of our app.

After the winners were announced, we shared real-time pics of the gifts going out for delivery and tagged them. This gave us a chance to showcase how fast our deliveries were and our expertise in the same. We asked the winners on DM to tag us on their stories and share images of the gift they received. This was the easiest way to get organic visibility as our followers were glad to share it on their stories as they were excited to receive the gifts of their choice, which was later added to our highlights.

How Did Blusteak Created Viral Giveaway Campaign for Telyport?How Did Blusteak Created Viral Giveaway Campaign for Telyport?How Did Blusteak Created Viral Giveaway Campaign for Telyport?

The Final Result

The ‘Gift of Choice’ campaign turned out to be quite successful. We were able to generate over 129k views in just 10 days. We got new followers and a loyal community who constantly engage with us and new users to the app from this giveaway. Our major aim was to introduce Telyport to a newer audience and help their business grow in revenue. And, we sure did that. 

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