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Achieved Over 400 Quality Leads Within 5 Days for an Engineering College

Blusteak recently ran a quiz competition for an engineering college in Kerala. We aimed to collect as many leads as possible for the college before the admission season starts so they can have the edge over their competition.

In this 5-day campaign, we got over 400 qualified leads, and our campaign reached more than 81,000 people. This case study will briefly talk about the brand, the challenges we faced, and our team’s steps to generate such phenomenal results.


About our client 

The college is ranked 2nd among private engineering colleges and 8th among all colleges in Kerala. It was established in 1988 by VIET, and since then, the growth of of the college has been inspiring. The institution aims to offer premium education to students with top faculty and active placements. Attaining national and international recognition, the college has established an environment of excellence amongst students. 


Brand concern 

The goal of the campaign was to generate leads, but since we cannot target people aged below 18 years (secondary school pass out is often below that age) in the lead generation campaign, we had to take the long route. Hence, we chose a web traffic campaign, where we can target people from people 13 years old. The ad then directed the leads to our client’s landing page. Despite facing this challenge, our team gave extraordinary results to our client. Let’s see how. 


The Ultimate solution 

First, we ran a quiz competition from 19th Feb to 23rd Feb. Our team made a poster that included the terms and conditions of the game and the winning price. Any secondary school student could apply for the competition and answer basic KEAM (Kerala Engineering, Agricultural and Medical Entrance Exam) questions. A total prize money of Rs. 6000 was awarded. 1st prize Rs. 3000, 2nd prize 2000 and 3rd prize Rs. 1000. The budget of the ad was divided accordingly, so having more ad spend was allowed on weekend days since the probability of using the Internet is more on Saturday and Sunday.

lead campaign for engineering college


We ran ads on this poster and asked students to click on the CTA button. Once they clicked on it, they were redirected to our landing page with a chatbot asking the students their names and other details. After they filled out their personal information, they were directed to the quiz. At the end of the quiz, a scoreboard appeared with their total marks. The language used in Ad creative was Malayalam since the targeted people are from Kerala.

The participants were very much qualified, all students got over 60% in their high school, and the approach with a chatbot was different from the usual quiz competition. Apart from getting leads, we were also able to measure the quality of the leads using their scores.


The final result

The campaign turned out to be quite successful, and we are relaunching this with a higher budget next year. Since there were three prizes, the participation rate was really good. The ad spending for this campaign was Rs 1000, for which we got over 400 leads. The leads contacted by the college team realized the campaign was very useful and decided to relaunch the campaign. Moreover, we got a qualified custom audience and can be used in the future for more admission activities. Our team also saw an increase in Instagram followers for that particular colllege during this period of time.

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