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YouTube SEO Case Study: 53% Increase in views within 1 month without any new video uploads

YouTube is the second biggest social networking site after Facebook, with over 2.9 billion active users and 694,000 hours streamed every minute. However, even with so many users on the platform, getting interaction on your videos is a task in itself. The YouTube algorithm is twisted and takes months to master. Most people say posting on YouTube consistently is the only way to get more views on your channel.

But what if you are out of content and still want to increase your YouTube channel views? It might seem an impossible task, but that’s what Blusteak was able to crack. Our team recently helped our client’s channel go from 2.29 million views to 3.5 million without any new uploads. The following case study can help you increase views for your old YouTube videos

Let’s see how we did that. 


About the client 

Our client has a YouTube channel in the entertainment niche with over 250k subscribers. The channel is an ultimate collection of top Bollywood songs. You can also find some fine artists singing some of our favourite songs. Staying relevant in such niches is extremely difficult, but our client has pulled it off gracefully. We have only seen the channel grow in numbers alongside providing the best quality videos to the audience. 


Brand Concerns 

Since our client is from the entertainment niche, which is amongst the most competitive niche on YouTube, getting more views was already quite challenging. Also, we didn’t have any no new content to upload that would have increased the view content. At this point, we knew that the only thing that would work was optimizing videos that were already present on the channel and repurposing our content through YouTube shorts. 


Ultimate solution 

Despite these challenges, our team was able to bring up the YouTube view count for our client; let’s see how we did that.

Advanced Checklist for YouTube SEO

1. In-depth competitor analysis 

First, we did a 360-degree competitor analysis for each video uploaded on the channel to evaluate elements like titles, video descriptions, tags, thumbnails, transcripts, and more. This helped us identify parts that needed improvement and optimization, leading to more view counts. While posting on Youtube should also focus on understanding user intent and SEO that will help you rank better. Failing at this will not even allow your video to rank, no matter how nicely they are made. 


2. Optimizing the tags 

Video tags are keywords that help YouTube determine what your video is about. So, when anyone searches for terms similar to your video tag, Youtube ranks your video over others. Our team analysed the video tags of all the videos present on our client’s channel and found that most of them were inappropriate. So we optimized the tags according to each video by knowing what users are searching on the site.


3. End card optimization

Remember, the video suggestion that you get at the last 5-20 seconds of a video called Youtube End Screen or End Cart. You can use these end carts to refer to videos you think your audience would be interested in. This way, you get more views, subscribers, and traffic from every video. So we created more personalized end cards according to the mood of the video and artist type. It helped offer an interactive and comprehensive experience to our viewers.


4. Inter-Linking Strategy in description

For more recommendations, we created an inter-linking strategy in the description part of the video. At first, our team created playlists according to various artists and different moods of people and interlinked them to appropriate videos so that users could easily find all of the songs of that category. It helps to hook users to our client’s YouTube channel, and the more they engage with our content, the more likely our videos will come at the top of their feed. 


5. A/B testing of thumbnails

The thumbnail of our YouTube video is the first impression viewers get of our channel when they see it on the search page. So we tried out various thumbnails for different time periods to measure which one was more liked by the audience, and the best performing one was used further. 


6. Trying YouTube Shorts 

YouTube has recently launched YouTube Shorts where creators can post short-60 second videos on their channel. Since it’s pretty new, the algorithm is favouring it a lot. So, we tried creating YouTube shorts for our client as well.

We found key moments of each video and made them into shorts so the audience could engage with the channel. Almost 1-2 shorts were uploaded daily after going through some filtering processes where we analyzed which type of shorts were performing well. We created more and more Youtube Shorts to attract viewers to our channel and added a subscribe button at the end of each video to encourage them to take action. 


The Final Result 

Even without posting any new content, we increased the total view count from 2.29 million to 3.5 million, that’s approximately 53% of the increase in just a month. Our team always wondered what if we had posted content and also worked hard optimizing the previous ones; the result would have been mind-blowing. 

This case study is a real example of how you can still earn subscribers for your Youtube channel, even without posting any long-form content for a month. You just need to optimize elements at the backend, and you are good to go. 

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