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Amazon Seller Service Case study: Generated 7 Lakh Sales in Just 30 Days

Last month, our team at Blusteak launched campaigns for our profound client, Alpha Ayurveda and were able to bring some extraordinary results. We saw a sale of over 7 lakhs with 9,000 product views in just 30 days by strategizing on improving the product’s demand. Let’s dive deeper into understanding the brand challenges, the steps taken and finally, the results drawn.


About the brand 

Alpha Ayurveda is one of India’s top Ayurvedic supplement stores, with over twenty thousand satisfied customers. It believes in making the world a healthier place by using the formula Ayurveda. The brand offers various Ayurvedic supplements made through natural processes and pure ingredients.

Alpha Ayurveda is a part of Ayurveda Ayurveda Hospital that has over 40 years of experience in treating patients with the ideologies of Ayurveda. Staamigen Malt and Sakhi Tone are their best selling products on marketplaces like Amazon.


Brand Concerns 

We identified that Alpha Ayurveda products needed push in visibility on the Amazon marketplace. Their products had great reviews, but they still didn’t rank on the first page for our targeting keywords. So, our team needed to crack into how we could achieve it as quickly as possible. 


The Ultimate Solution 

Recently, Alpha Ayurveda qualified to be an “Advanced” level seller on Amazon. For people who don’t know, Amazon STEP is a performance-based programme dedicatedly designed to helping sellers accelerate their growth on the platform. It divides Amazon sellers into four major categories of “Basic”, “Standard”, “Advanced”, and “Premium”. 

amazon seller achievement

And, at each, you unlock certain benefits that help sellers improve their key customer experience metrics. These benefits are waiver in lightning deal fees and weight handling fees, priority Selling Partner Support, faster disbursement cycles and free, world-class account management. 

If you were to get promoted to the next level, you would have to work on key performance metrics like late dispatch rate, return rate, cancellation rate, and others. 

Since Alpha Ayurveda unlocked the features of being a “Premium” seller, they were allowed to run products under Deal of The Day options (DOTD). Anyone to qualify for this should have at least 4-star reviews and over 1200 product views per week. The DOTD deal runs for only 24 hours, where customers receive the maximum discounts. 

Previously, we have also used coupons and lightning deals, but now that we are a premium seller on Amazon, DODT deals work excellent to get maximum user attention and sales. 

We targeted both prime and non-prime customers on Amazon, and our prime objective was to increase visibility and increase search ranking. And, since our launch of DODT campaigns, Alpha Ayurveda products are now ranking on the first page of search results on some core keywords. 


Final results 

amazon sales

Our DODT campaign for Alpha Ayurveda was extremely successful; we achieved our objective of increasing the views and sales of Alpha Ayurveda Products. In just 30 days, Blusteak was able to bring 7.50 lakh in sales and 9000+ views from our client. Our DODT campaigns have performed well, and we are looking to take bigger steps to achieve a higher ROAS and conversion.

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