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See how Blusteak’s Stand on Women’s Day went viral on social media  

It’s 2022, and we still see people questioning the abilities of women. As women’s day was approaching, we wanted to do something different. Our team launched a women’s day campaign including our women team members who are a real example of dedication, leadership, creativity, and multi-tasking.

Our challenge  

We were clear that we wanted to break stereotypes around women but in a way that integrates well with what we do, which is running a digital advertising agency. Plus, we also wanted to include our women teammates and show the world that women are capable of absolutely everything. 


Our solution 

During our research, we found that people searched a lot of stereotypical and sexist questions on Google like “Can women lead?,” “Can women be creative?,” etc. And, we instantly knew that such queries are baseless and need to be solved. 

Hence, we created a landing page on our website that features all our women employees and segmented them under different categories like adding all of our female team leads under the question “Can women lead?”, “Can moms be productive at work?” Do girls play football? And Are girls creative? We feature all of our women employees under any of these sections. 

See the page below: 

women day campaign

Once we categorized our women teammates under the most searched sexist questions on the internet, it was time that anyone who did that needed to visit our landing page. Then we bid for many such sexist queries on Google and began running ads for it. And whenever people searched for those queries, our landing page came on top of the SERP as an ad. 



We also ran a video campaign mentioning the entire campaign on social media and got over 20,000 views.


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More than numbers, this campaign was to tell a positive story creatively. We are always proud to have such wonderful women teammates in Blusteak, and we know that they are capable of every opportunity that comes their way. 

So, now no more doubts about her capabilities. 

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