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SEO Case Study – How We Increased Organic Traffic by 477%

(Apr- July Period)

SEO Case Study - How We Increased Organic Traffic by 477%


The client is one of the leading online pharmacies in the Middle east dealing with essential medicines, health care equipment, cosmetics, and baby products.

The Challenge

At the time that we started working with this client, they were getting only about 4,000 search engine visitors per month. Our goal was to increase the organic traffic to the site to the maximum extent possible and thereby increase the sales.

The Solution

It’s all about the SEO strategy, which has a long term focus. We took the website into maximum optimization as possible with white hat SEO techniques. We moved all three SEO aspects (on-page, off-page, technical) in a unified manner, which produced a wonderful long lasting result.

Video Explanation

Key Takeaways

  • Conducted in depth keyword analysis with high search frequency. Also pay attention to the keywords our customers are searching for the most.
  • Ongoing link building strategy. We maintained a link frequency which focused on the quality off-page SEO process.
  • Regularly developed new, SEO friendly content which focuses on continuous improvement.

The Result

Within one year we achieved an increase of 477% organic traffic followed by 936% increase in total clicks and 1466% increase in total impressions.

SEO Case Study - How We Increased Organic Traffic by 477%

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