Amazon Analytics Tools Every Business Should Know About

To make smarter decisions for your Amazon store (and increase sales), you need to look into its analytics. Fortunately, you have several Amazon analytics tools for transforming raw data into insights. However, this bouquet of tools also creates uncertainty as to which are the best.

If you want to know about the best Amazon analytics tools for sellers, this article is for you. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, these will give you an edge.

Let’s dive in!


9 Best Amazon Analytics Tools

9 Best Amazon Analytics Tools


SellerApp is an all-in-one Amazon insights tool that can help you enhance the performance of your store. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools that provide data-driven insights and automation support to improve the profitability of Amazon stores.

The tool offers real-time sales tracking, metrics analysis and AI-based inventory management. Its advanced analytics highlights products with high potential and low competition. It also offers keyword research and product listing optimization as well.

SellerApp also enables you to get better ROI from Amazon ads. Its experts and personalised services keep you ahead in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Pricing: Free, Professional ($99 per month), Smart ($149 per month)

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another Amazon seller software that provides data-driven insights for thriving in the competitive marketplace. It works as an Amazon intelligence tool that helps uncover growth opportunities that you might overlook.

Whether you’re launching a new product or expanding your catalogue, Jungle Scout helps you make informed decisions and position yourself. Using its vast database of over 500 million products, you can find gaps only you can fulfil.

Rank tracking, competitor insights and advertising analytics are among the other benefits this tool offers. You can also use AI-based automations to accelerate your growth.

Pricing: Basic ($29 per month), Suite ($49 per month), Professional ($84 per month)


Helium 10

Helium 10 Amazon analytics for sellers is another comprehensive set of tools to assist Amazon entrepreneurs in boosting online sales. It provides access to 30+ tools to help you grow your business your way.

It helps you manage business operations and monitor performance effectively. The platform ensures you can maximise your Amazon marketing ROI.

Among Helium 10’s numerous benefits is the capability to discover highly profitable products. It helps improve product rankings and drive traffic to listings. Also, its listing tool is powered by ChatGPT to help you build targeted, high-ranking listings.

Pricing: Starter ($29 per month), Platinum ($79 per month), Diamond ($229 per month)

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AMZScout tools and services are one of the powerful Amazon analytics tools that empower sellers to start and grow online businesses. It also helps find profitable product ideas and track their performance in the market.

Its flagship tool is the AMZScout PRO browser extension. This savvy assistant does product research, scouring Amazon’s product pages daily and collecting critical data points. It provides all the information you need to make strategic decisions.

In addition to product research, AMZScout helps with keyword research as well. It ensures your products are visible on Amazon, whether organically or through PPC ads.

Pricing: $31.69 per month (Free trial available)


Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a premier Amazon growth tool for the success of Amazon sellers. From the inception of your storefront to polishing your listings, Viral Launch supports you at every step. The tool compiles and analyses over 225 million products to provide you valuable insights.

The platform allows you to craft compelling Amazon listings that convert browsers into buyers. It helps identify the pain points to improve visibility and sales.

Viral Launch not only assesses and compares products but also tracks Amazon market trends. Its market intelligence tools keep you informed about market dynamics, pricing strategies and emerging trends and enable you to make data-driven decisions.

Pricing: Essentials ($69 per month), Pro ($99 per month), Pro Plus Ads ($199 per month)

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SellerLegend analytics software equips Amazon sellers with real-time business performance insights. It offers productive ways to visualise Amazon sales data, product attributes, customer behaviour and other information you need to make informed decisions.

With automated seller reporting and intuitive, interactive dashboards, SellerLegend lets you maintain a firm grip on your business. From your key performance indicators to profitability and sales performance, it allows you to track everything in one place.

Apart from Amazon analytics, it can also help with inventory management and forecasting. It has comprehensive product management tools for a comprehensive overview of your store.

Pricing: Starter ($49.99 per month), Advanced ($59.99 per month), Professional ($69.99 per month), Enterprise ($99.99 per month)



Sellozo is an Amazon advertising optimization tool that offers an AI-driven automation platform to boost your sales. It’s an all-in-one suite to automate PPC ad campaigns. It’s designed to increase sales and profits while reducing investment costs.

The software allows you to optimise your advertising strategies and campaigns efficiently. From keyword discovery to campaign tweaks, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to do everything in a few clicks.

Sellozo also offers fully managed PPC services allowing you to focus better on your business operations. The in-house Amazon experts, coupled with the AI-based platform tool, leave no stone unturned to drive your business to growth.

Pricing: Customised according to need



Perpetua is an eCommerce advertising software designed to optimise ad performances and drive incremental growth. It offers advanced automation capabilities that allow you to save time and money on various marketplaces, including Amazon.

It’s the go-to platform for many businesses to execute targeted ad campaigns. You optimise campaigns based on your business objectives (growth, awareness, etc.), and its intelligent recommendations and conversion-oriented bidding algorithms do the rest.

Perpetua also provides enterprise-level reporting to measure the true impact of your ad spend.

Pricing: Essentials ($695 per month), Growth ($695 per month + % of ad spend)

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DataHawk eCommerce optimization tool gathers all your marketplace data in a single platform. It transforms the metrics into clear, actionable insights. It’s a powerful analytics platform that can help increase revenue across all channels, including Amazon.

With DataHawk, you can perform detailed product analysis to build organic traffic and improve sales performance. It empowers you with all the Amazon sales analytics you need. The tool offers effortless product monitoring with easy-to-set alerts and performance tracking.

It helps you gauge the sales of all products and analyse their competitive dynamics. It keeps you updated with its daily monitoring and competitive insights.

Pricing: Customised according to need


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From deep insights into customer behaviour to ad optimization, Amazon India analytics offer a variety of benefits. Whether you’re new to Amazon or an established player, you’ll find these tools helpful in growing your business.

You just have to choose the Amazon analytics tools that best fit your needs and goals. And you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions that drive sales.

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