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Smash-hit Amazon Sales: 39x Return for a Luxury Beauty Brand

One of our clients, a luxury beauty brand on Amazon, had difficulty piling up sales on Amazon. The discount campaigns didn’t seem to pull in any significant number of sales. And the store wasn’t running any deal/promo at the moment.

So, we took matters into our hands, of course, with their permission. And we were allotted a budget of ₹10K to show what we could do: showering sales.

We spent only ₹667/- in 2 weeks of the campaign (against the budget of ₹10K). Yes, we spent only a minuscule fraction of the budget and sold products worth 39x the amount.

Read this case study to find out how Blusteak did it.


About the Brand

Our client is a Kerala-based brand that formulates Ayurvedic health and wellness products. It sells its skin care products, fragrances and essential oils through its own website as well as on Amazon. The brand offers a wide portfolio of products formulated from ingredients handpicked from reputed suppliers and processed as per traditional principles of Ayurveda.


Our Challenge

We wanted to use Amazon coupon campaigns to boost store sales. But other promo codes and coupons didn’t work well for the brand. They didn’t bring humongous sales against the amount spent. Forget that; some campaigns didn’t bring even one sale.


The Ultimate Solution

Sorted product SKUs into three categories

We started by segmenting all SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) in the inventory on the basis of sales. We put them into one of the following three categories: Fast Moving, Slow Moving, or Very Slow Moving. It helped us prioritize and focus on the important products.

Allotted them different deals and coupons

Instead of running one deal across the store, we associated different deals and coupons as per the popularity of a particular product SKU. We used Amazon’s deep discounts feature to give up to 20% off on Very Slow Moving products. For Fast Moving provides, we set 3% off.

Took advantage of Amazon’s D2C fest

We ran our campaign just in time with Amazon’s New Age Beauty Brands (D2C) Fest. It was on from 12th to 16th February. So, while the allocated budget was to be used between 15th Feb and 28th Feb, we started our promotional offers from the 12th itself. By participating in the fest, we got our products placed on appropriate category pages.

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The Result

By implementing the above strategy and participating in Amazon’s fest, we got sales of ₹26K+ against campaign expenses of only ₹667/-. The campaign budget was ₹10K, to be used from 15th Feb to 28th Feb. Also, the total click-to-conversion rate came out to be 43.

Here’s a snapshot of the performance of the previous coupons to compare:

Smash-hit Amazon Sales: 39x Return for a Luxury Beauty Brand

Smash-hit Amazon Sales: 39x Return for a Luxury Beauty Brand


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