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Over 80 Lakh in Monthly Sales and a ROAS of 15+ for a Stationery Brand

In December 2022, only last month, Blusteak worked the magic with a popular stationery brand. It’s with one of our regular clients, and we absolutely crushed it! Not only did we walk to our target, but we walked ahead of it.

Some of the abandoned cart customers also converted. The campaign overall generated ₹80 Lakh+ in sales.

Read this case study to find out how Blusteak did it.


About the Brand

The brand sells planners, sketchbooks, notebooks and other similar items. It designs and sells eye-catching journals that meet people’s needs. It aims to make lives more creative, soulful and happier while being organised. Its goal is to let people share their emotions while exploring their creative side. 


Our Challenge

We had one goal for the campaign, a mighty one: to get sales above ₹75 Lakh for the month. How we planned to achieve it was in our creative hands. We knew the audience, so we huddled at the thinking table for ideas.


The Ultimate Solution

Find the products in demand

To achieve the sales target, we first looked into store analytics for trending products. We selected those as highlights of our campaign and created appealing videos of them. We were going to use those for campaign creatives to target our potential audience.

Run ads on Facebook

We scheduled Facebook Ads to drive traffic to the brand website. Initially, Facebook Pixel was just learning the quality and relevancy of the traffic that comes to the website, as usual. Once Pixel learnt about our audience, it started bringing us the customers we were looking for.

Tap into lookalike audiences

Next, we expanded our targeting to lookalike audiences. We used lookalikes of our website visitors and users who engaged on the Instagram and FB pages. These social profiles get solid engagement from the 80K+ followers and others.

The lookalike audience helped us increase the conversion rates. We even targeted lookalikes of people who have watched a significant percentage of our videos.

This strategy helped us achieve a good ROAS.

Retarget potential customers

Retargeting target audience with FB Ads helped as improve conversions. Whether someone visited our website or engaged with our social media accounts, the ads targeted them again. The retargeting campaigns had the best ROAS for us.

Look out for abandoned carts

We also created a cart recovery email campaign. It helped us get in touch with people who didn’t proceed with payment. Almost half of the users (47%) opened the emails, and this email flow stacked up ₹4.12 Lakhs for the brand.


The Result

We generated ₹75 Lakh+ in sales for December, as our client expected. In fact, the actual numbers are ₹83 Lakh+. And that was a 15x return on the expenses over ad campaigns. We also targeted the abandoned cart users and converted some; that brought us a total sales of ₹4.12 Lakh.

Over 80 Lakh in Monthly Sales and a ROAS of 15+ for a Stationery Brand        Over 80 Lakh in Monthly Sales and a ROAS of 15+ for a Stationery Brand


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