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Reduced LinkedIn Ads CPL by 23% for a B2B SaaS Client

Blusteak recently ran a series of Linkedin Lead Generation Ads for a Quality Management SaaS platform. The client has a lot of products catering to different industries, and it continuously faced a high CPL (Cost Per Lead) for its ads. 

We worked on multiple targeting combinations. And within a month, the CPL (Cost Per Lead) came down by 23% of what it had been earlier. The number of quality leads also went up from 54% to a spectacular 80%. 

Read this case study to find out how Blusteak did it. 


About the Brand 

Our client has a suite of cloud-based quality management solutions to help businesses ensure consistent quality. The products are all connected together to help teams maintain consistency across the organization. It has solutions for various industries, from F&B to automotive and healthcare to aerospace and defense. And this variety made ad targeting tricky. 


Our Challenge 

We had to bring down LinkedIn ads CPL while targeting multiple personas of companies across several industries. And the leads needed to be relevant, of course. 


The Ultimate Solution 

Study previous ad performances and leads 

Since the client has a lot of products, we started by studying the existing AQLs (Automation Qualified Leads). We studied the ad impressions and clicks against the leads. Then, we selected those industries to target that seem to be most interested in the client’s products. 

Target decision-makers of the companies 

Next, we targeted the decision-makers (Above Manager Level executives) of the companies. We created lookalike audiences of the Lead Form Openers and Leads from the previous campaigns. We also excluded the Form Submitters to generate new leads. 

Design contextual creatives and CTAs 

Appropriate creatives and CTAs are as important as audience targeting. So, our creatives focused on the pain points and problems of the industries. We also refreshed the designs and tested different creative angles for the creatives.

Design contextual creatives and CTAs     b2b saas company creatives


The lead form CTAs were simple, eg, Read Case Study, Book A Demo, and Download Whitepaper. These don’t require a lot of commitment upfront but still bring quality sign-ups. 

Make lead forms user-friendly and relevant 

Since there were a lot of products and different industries, we designed customized lead forms, categorized for each of the industries. It helped us with proper and contextual targeting, even for future campaigns. 

We also considered the user-friendliness of the lead forms, to reduce the bounce rate. Each message was personalized and inviting, to make the leads eager to learn about the product. 

Monitor and optimize everything 

And then, we monitored the metrics. Each of the important metrics, like Cost Per Result, Clicks, CTR, Lead Form Opens and others, were monitored regularly. Consistent monitoring helped us ideate the best optimization methods. 

So, we tweaked the parameters as needed, and generated quality leads for the client. 


The Result 

Here’s what the results were: 

  • Generated 49 leads at an average CPL of USD 399. It’s a 23% decrease from the previous CPL of USD 520. 
  • Got 39 AQLs out of those leads, setting the conversion rate to 80% (a significant bump from the previous 54%). 
  • The effective Cost Per AQL stood at USD 476. And that’s a 31% decrease from the previous 694.

Reduced LinkedIn Ads CPL

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