The Ideal YouTube Average Watch Time and Tips To Increase Watch time on YouTube

You spend hours creating one video and those humans don’t even watch it completely. But it’s all right. You aren’t alone. It’s rare to have a video with 100% of watch time. Still, you need to have as much as possible. YouTube decides your video ranking on its basis.

So, what watch time should you, at least, have?

We are trying to answer it for you today. We also have seven tips, in this article, to help you make better videos and increase the average watch time.

Let’s dive in.


What does average watch time mean on YouTube?

Average YouTube watch time (or Average View Duration) is the time your viewers usually spend on your videos. It tells which videos are being watched more and which ones are abandoned. Also, videos with higher average watch time rank higher than other videos in the search results. 


What is a good average watch time on YouTube?

The ideal watch time can vary due to a range of factors like the content type and video length. As such, it’s difficult to pinpoint what average YouTube video watch time would be ideal.

In general, we take 50-60% as benchmark. If you get an Average View Duration of 70-80%, the video is performing well. It’s rare that all the viewers watch your videos till the end.


How to increase watch time on YouTube?

How to increase watch time on YouTube

Here are a few measures to increase average watch time on YouTube.

1. Use relevant thumbnail images

The thumbnail of a video is the first thing a user sees in their feed or search results. So, video thumbnail images must capture attention and attract clicks (or taps).

It’s best to have captivating thumbnails that tell what a video contains. Clickbait images are a big no-no. Such images can trick people into clicking on your videos, but you won’t be able to retain those viewers.

Here are a few tips for designing captivating thumbnails:

  • Add images that are in line with the topic
  • Put text in a clearly readable size
  • Use colours that pop out well

thumbnail on YouTube

2. Add an intriguing intro

The introduction of a video should reflect the value you promised in the title and thumbnail. The first 10-15 seconds are crucial. They need to be engaging and interesting, and at par with the expectation of the viewers.

Fascinating clips from the video, before-after clips and even bloopers make for an intriguing intro. Such clips give a glimpse into the video and hook the viewers early on. It all depends on the type of videos you create.

Only after an intriguing intro clip, you should insert the channel intro or your personal intro clip.


3. Create content on long-tail keywords

Viewers looking for content around long-tail keywords have a higher intent to watch videos till the end. Creating content on long-tail keywords will attract such unique viewers and increase your YouTube average watch time.

One of the easiest ways to identify long-tail keywords is by going through the list of YouTube’s suggestions. These suggestions are based on what users want to see.

For example, in the image below, people searching for “online marketing” videos are casual viewers. They’re just exploring the field. Those looking for “online marketing for beginners” and other such topics have the intent to learn something specific.

long tail keywords on YouTube


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4. Supplement content with B-rolls

The B-roll footages are secondary videos (or clips) that support your main (or A-roll) videos. Stitching these clips interrupts any built-up monotony, creates drama or backs up a story.

One good example of the usage of B-rolls is this YouTube video on solar panels. On camera, the host is talking about his experience with solar panels. But as the video forwards, you can see clips of solar panels, the installation process, and other different clips.

Such footages help viewers absorb and understand videos better. They help maintain viewers’ attention and increase watch time.


5. Build themed playlists

Themed playlists bring all related videos together in a logical series. Your viewers will get all relevant videos in the same place and watch them one after another. So, building playlists can be quite effective in increasing YouTube watch hours. 

One easy way to prepare playlists is to group your videos first. For example, for tutorial videos, you can make step-wise playlists starting from beginner to advanced.

However, make sure you remove all branded intros and outros in those videos. Why? Seeing those bits repeatedly will just irritate away your viewers.


6. Listen to YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics reveal trends around the watching pattern of your viewers. It’s your one-stop place to find how your videos perform and if your efforts are paying off.

For example, you can find out if the content on long-tail keywords is being watched more. The YouTube analytics dashboard can also help you understand if your new intro style is engaging enough. 

Here are the steps to get video-wise data:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio dashboard
  2. Select Content from the left-side menu
  3. Hover your cursor on a video and click Analytics icon


7. Share your videos to a larger audience

You need to have a reach among the target audience to increase YouTube watch time. Only when you have a large audience eager to watch your videos you can improve the numbers. It will also help you cross the threshold of 4000 watch hours for YouTube monetization. 

You can share your videos on social media platforms and other forums, or embed them on your website. Quora is also an excellent platform to find an audience.

Some other ways to have a large audience base are to:

  • Work on YouTube SEO
  • Organise live streams
  • Build a community

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Other FAQs about YouTube videos watch time

i) How many watch hours are needed for YouTube monetization?

You need 4,000 hours of Watch Time within the past 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers to monetize your YouTube channel.

ii) Does the watch time increase if one person watches a video twice?

Yes, the watch time increases if someone watches a video twice or more.

iii) Can I increase views and watch time by creating YouTube playlists?

Yes, having YouTube playlists can help you increase views and average watch time.


Wrapping it up

We hope you’ve got enough information about average YouTube Watch Time and how to increase it. And if you still need some help with viewership, let us know. Blusteak Media is ready to assist.

So, start crunching more and more videos your viewers like.

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