9 Best LazyPay Alternatives and Buy Now Pay Later Apps India

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) apps like LazyPay enables you to buy online without having to pay instantly. Its ease of use and accessibility makes it an absolute breeze to use. It even gives cashback without paying upfront. It’s not the only BNPL app in India, though. 

This article lists the popular LazyPay alternatives and similar apps that help you to pay later for your shopping. Whether you want to go for a month-end splurge or have an eye on a deal, you’ll find an ideal app.

Through instant credit, LazyPay and its alternatives make the shopping experience seamless and convenient. From bills to biryani, you can pay for hundreds of items online… later!

Let’s check them out.

Top LazyPay Alternative Apps

LazyPay alternatives

Here are some of the top apps like LazyPay you can use.

1. PostPe


PostPe is a simple LazyPay app alternative that makes paying later easy. Once it’s installed, you can pay online shops or send money to a bank account or contacts. The app also provides PostPe card to be used anywhere for online and offline shopping.

The aggregated bill is generated on the 1st of every month, which you can repay within five days. It also gives the option to convert the due amount into easy EMIs of 3 to 6 months. 

Cashback and reward offers are also available in the PostPe BNPL app.

Credit Limit: Up to ₹10,00,000

Billing Cycle: 30 days

Billing Date: 1st of every month

Repayment terms: Pay within five days or convert to EMIs (up to 6 months)

App available on: Android | iOS


2. Zest Money

zest money

Zest Money is a Buy Now Pay Later app providing zero-interest repayment for purchases. It has partnered with many online and physical stores to make your life easy.

With Zest Money, you can buy and repay in 30 days at zero interest. It also allows automatic EMI repayments for up to 12 months as per your convenience. You just have to upload KYC documents and set up automatic payments with your bank. 

The app provides cashback, too, on successful repayment of instalments. 

Credit Limit: Up to ₹2,00,000

Billing Cycle: As per EMI terms

Billing Date: As per EMI terms

Repayment terms: EMIs of up to 12 months

App available on: Android | iOS


3. Simpl


Simpl is another of the popular LazyPay alternative apps. It offers a user-friendly one-tap checkout service across multiple platforms. You can also use it to pay for recharges and clear utility bills on credit.

The app sends the credit bill twice a month and helps keep track of your monthly expenses and budget. It also provides the option to set up EMIs for your purchases.

Exclusive cashbacks and offers are also available on Simpl, apart from easy payments.

Credit Limit: Up to ₹20,000

Billing Cycle: 15 days

Billing Date: 15th and last day of every month

Repayment terms: Pay within five days

App available on: Android | iOS


4. Jupiter Edge

jupiter edge

Jupiter Edge (earlier Bullet) is a similar app like LazyPay to shop with UPI and pay later. It can help you pay all online or offline merchants that accept UPI payments. It has a minimal and easy-to-use interface that makes payments a breeze anywhere.

The facility to pay gas, water and electricity bills is also available.

It sends the collated bill for your payments twice a month. You can pay it in five days free of any interest or additional charge.

Credit Limit: Up to ₹20,000

Billing Cycle: 15 days

Billing Date: 15th and 30th/31st of every month

Repayment terms: Pay within five days

App available on: Android


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5. FlexPay


FlexPay is one of the LazyPay alternatives in the form of a digital credit card. It provides a line of credit for UPI payments, for bill payments and other daily needs. It also helps you manage your payments in one place and track your spending behaviour.

The app essentially provides an open-ended loan, i.e., without a predetermined limit or. You can pay the credit amount back with flexible EMIs.

FlexPay, by the way, provides the personal line of credit only to salaried individuals.

Credit Limit: Up to ₹2,00,000

Billing Cycle: None

Billing Date: None

Repayment terms: Flexible EMIs

App available on: Android


Other Similar Apps like LazyPay

Here are a few other apps that can be used as alternatives of LazyPay.

6. OlaMoney Postpaid

olamoney postpaid

OlaMoney Postpaid is a fast and easy way to pay later for Ola cab rides and a few other online services. It offers hassle-free one-click checkout for some popular food, travel and wellness services, among others.

You can clear the dues once every 15 days when the bill is generated.

App available on: Android | iOS


7. PayTM Postpaid

paytm postpaid

PayTM Postpaid allows you to pay across all PayTM services and offline stores where PayTM is accepted. It can provide a credit of up to ₹60,000, which you can use to pay for shopping, recharges and other services.

Its bill is generated once every month, for you to pay in full or easy EMIs.

App available on: Android | iOS


8. Freecharge Pay Later

freecharge paylater

Freecharge Pay Later is another BNPL service which helps you pay online and offline stores that accept Freecharge. It offers a credit line of up to ₹10,000 that you can use for groceries, medicines, clothes and more things.

It has a billing cycle of 30 days with a 30-day interest-free repayment term. Also, any interest charged is given back in the form of Freecharge cashback.

App available on: Android | iOS


9. Mobikwik Zip

mobikwik zip

Mobikwik Zip offers special credit to pay bills, shop for clothes, order food and other things. You can get a credit of up to ₹30,000, which you can use to pay at brands associated with MobiKwik payment service.

The bill is generated on the 1st and 15th of every month, which you can clear in 5 days for interest-free repayment.

App available on: Android | iOS

Wrapping It Up

LazyPay alternatives and other apps like LazyPay enable you to pay for all your small expenses at once later. While some of these BNPL apps allow you to pay almost everywhere you shop, others restrict payment to only the associated brands.

So, check the conditions and charges and pick your ideal LazyPay BNPL alternative.

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