Best Shopify Alternatives in India (Updated 2024)

Shopify might be the best eCommerce platform in India. But for most small businesses, it isn’t easy to use. It has a steep learning curve. And it’s also not quite economical in the long run. That’s why we’re presenting some of the best Shopify alternatives in India.

This list presents the Indian DukaanTech eCommerce solutions, along with popular Shopify competitors and alternatives in India.

Let’s check them out.

DukaanTech platforms of India

Shopify Alternatives in India | Ecommerce platforms in India-

Among the Indian Shopify competitors are what we know as DukaanTech platforms. And the top DukaanTech Shopify alternatives in India are:

1. Instamojo


If you want to run your own eCommerce business and start an online store quickly, you can get started on Instamojo. It offers professional online stores at affordable rates. You get a functional eCommerce website for free, integrated with payments, shipping, marketing tools, and more.

Instamojo also has premium plans that cost about ₹10/day. It’s super simple to use with a clean interface and offers advanced features in its premium plans to help increase sales.

Pricing: Lite (Free), Starter (₹3,999 per year), Growth (₹9,999 per year)

2. Dukaan


Dukaan is a Shopify alternative that offers an easy way to set up an eCommerce store. You can start a basic store with only a mobile, and that too for free. But paid users can access advanced features, integrations and eCommerce tools to manage the store.

It offers custom domains, shipping services, and multiple payment options, among many other easy-to-use features. Setting up a store with Dukaan requires no technical or design skills.

Pricing: Free, Starter ₹1,499 per month, Growth (₹3,899 per month), Infinity (₹14,490 per month)

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3. Fynd

Fynd eCommerce platform

Fynd is an Indian eCommerce platform that provides an omnichannel business experience. It offers a modular infrastructure customised to support your business goals and transform your sales approach. It helps you unify all sales channels in one dashboard.

It allows you to manage distributed orders, seamlessly fulfil orders and take care of last-mile delivery. You can even handle product catalogues and other assets through its AI features.

Pricing: Standard (₹11,988 per year), Professional (₹23,988 per year), Premium (₹35,988 per year)

4. Shoppiko


Shoppiko is one of the all-in-one Shopify alternatives in India. It offers multiple features and customisations to expand your business worldwide. Shoppiko also has marketing tools to drive traffic and improve conversion.

The site offers custom designs, responsive pages, blogging tool and many other features to build a complete eCommerce store. You get full control over the look and experience.

Pricing: ₹2,499 per month (Web access only) and ₹5,999 per month (Web and mobile access)

5. Shoopy


Shoopy is an online store provider in India that helps you handle both online and offline sales. It offers various features to improve the buying experience, along with easy analytics and order management. Marketing tools and essential integrations are also available.

You get all the features you need to run your online business for free. With premium plans, you also get store setup services.

Pricing: Free, Basic (₹2,499 per year), Professional (₹5,999 per year), Business (₹13,999 per year)

6. Builderfly


Builderfly is another Shopify alternative that helps you open an online store in India. You can showcase your products and sell them under your own branded domain. You can even get a mobile app designed for your store.

It provides WhatsApp sharing, SMS marketing and live selling features to engage with your audience. And it has a central dashboard to manage everything.

Pricing: Starter (₹15,000 per year), Growth (₹27,500 per year), Enterprise (₹40,000 per year)

7. Kartify


Kartify is a Shopify eCommerce alternative that helps businesses easily build and manage online stores. You can design a fully responsive website with pre-built marketing tools and integrations. Advanced analytics also makes it easy to scale your sales in the right direction.

It promises a customer-first approach to provide an easy shopping experience for your users. Easy product searches, optimised checkouts and hassle-free returns ensure their satisfaction.

Pricing: Customised according to need

8. Shopnix


Shopnix is an online platform providing everything from eCommerce websites to mobile apps. It enables you to sell products at multiple places, including Facebook Store and marketplaces. The site also offers in-built tools and automations to bring more customers to your store.

With features like a custom domain, business emails and integrated payments, it ensures you have everything you need to launch your online store.

Pricing: Mini Store (₹910 per month), Startup Store (₹1680 per month), Super Store (₹3780 per month) and Mega Store (₹6188 per month)

9. OutdoCart


OutdoCart is an affordable Shopify alternative that offers custom website building and design. It offers handmade templates, custom domains, and API access to help you build a store that works according to your needs. Barcode integration and SKU support are also available.

Along with an online store, OutdoCart offers blogging, social sharing and analytics to improve store presence through online content. It provides marketing and SEO services, too.

Pricing: Basic (₹167 per month), Starter (₹399 per month) and Standard (₹799 per month)

7. Ohoshop


Ohoshop is another eCommerce solution for Indian businesses that want to sell online. But unlike other alternatives for Shopify of India, it offers custom development of eCommerce apps and websites.

It helps you integrate catalogue, marketing and content management in one platform. You can also get SEO, SSL, Facebook integration, and other features according to your needs.

Pricing: Starter (₹1,990 per month), Professional (₹2,990 per month), Advance (₹5,990 per month)

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Other Shopify alternatives in India

11. Bikayi


Bikayi is another free eCommerce platform in India. It allows you to set up an online store for free, with essential inventory management and order management. But with a paid plan, you get assisted store setup and even dedicated business coaches to guide you.

It can help you set up a WhatsApp-integrated store to simplify online selling. You also get your products listed on multiple eCommerce platforms.

Pricing: Basic (Free), VIP ($700 per year) and Ultimate ($1200 per year)

12. Drupal


Drupal eCommerce module is a free and open-source web content management system that helps you develop a self-hosted and highly tailored eCommerce store. Through third-party integrations, you can integrate marketing, payment, and everything else.

It lets you integrate and manage an online store, alongside media and content. Drupal offers all customisation abilities you need for your store.

Pricing: Free, but varies with customisations

13. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is another free and open-source tool to set up and run an eCommerce store. It allows you to accept secure payments, configure shipping options, and monitor your store’s performance. You can also integrate your store with other platforms easily.

It’s based on the WordPress content management system, and has tons of customisations via different plugins. So, you can set up an eCommerce store as you want.

Pricing: Free, but varies with customisations

14. Ecwid

Ecwid eCommerce tool

Ecwid is an eCommerce tool that has a free site builder and a built-in online store. It also lets you connect your existing website, business social media page and marketplaces for easy management. You can have all your storefronts synced to a single control panel.

Custom websites, social selling and mobile apps make it easy to sell things anywhere. Other features like standout buy buttons and subscription selling make Ecwid an all-in-one solution.

Pricing: Free, Venture ($14.08 per month), Business ($29.08 per month), Unlimited ($82.50 per month)

15. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is another of the popular Shopify Alternatives in India to grow an online business. It comes with an easy-to-use visual page builder with drag-and-drop functionality. You can also integrate it with different platforms to enable multi-channel eCommerce.

With BigCommerce, you can customise the entire shopping and checkout experience. And all these features make it one of the best Shopify app alternatives.

Pricing: Standard ($29 per month), Plus ($79 per month), Pro ($299 per month)

16. CoreCommerce


CoreCommerce makes it easy to create hosted websites and drive more business. It comes with integrated carts and online payments to facilitate easy eCommerce transactions. And you get all the reports on its dashboard.

From marketing to accounting, you can handle everything with different apps and integrations. Setting up CoreCommerce and integrating it with your website is easy.

Pricing: Basic ($29 per month), Pro ($79 per month), Business ($229 per month)

17. Squarespace


Squarespace eCommerce is an all-in-one website builder with stylish and expressive design templates. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can efficiently showcase the products and manage your inventory. It’s one of the most visually appealing alternatives to Shopify in India.

Apart from rich product displays, it also offers flexible payments and checkout options. You can even sell digital content like music and eBooks via a Squarespace site.

Pricing: Basic Commerce ($28 per month) and Advanced Commerce ($52 per month)

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Wrapping up

Shopify’s ease of setup has made it a popular eCommerce platform in India and across the globe as well. But it’s not the only one available. Dukaan, Shoppiko, and Builderfly are many other Shopify alternatives in India that are easy to manage and more affordable as well.

And if you need some help, get in touch with Blusteak Media. We can handle omni-channel marketing and grow your business on multiple platforms.


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