5 Strategies to Get More Views and Stand Out on Behance

So, you made your profile on Behance? Superb! You can now easily showcase your portfolio to potential clients, receive appealing job offers, and collaborate with other creatives.

Now, let’s tackle the next problem at hand: How to get more views on Behance? With 40 million users on the platform, it’s not a piece of cake to make your Behance profile stand out. Not impossible, though.

This article lists the best strategies to get more views and improve your Behance presence. Whether you’re into fashion, architecture or design, these tips will be helpful.

Let’s dive in.


How to Get More Views on Behance?

How to Get More Views on Behance?

1. Create a compelling profile.

The first step to gaining more views on Behance starts with crafting a professional profile. A well-thought-out profile establishes credibility and attracts potential clients and collaborators.

Apart from your work experience and relevant project details, mention any recognitions you’ve received. You should make your profile as complete as possible. A high-quality profile picture (preferably your face) is a must.

Showcase your best work that reflects your skills and creative style. And make sure to organise and categorise your projects for a fitting presentation.

Instead of pasting your project details with one photo, take the readers through your process. Craft descriptions like a story and add multiple images that show how you worked on it. Check how Blusteak does it on Behance.

Create a compelling profile that highlights all your quirks and creative specialities.


2. Use effective keywords and tags.

Next, it’s important that you add relevant keywords to your bio, project descriptions and all other content. Keywords are the terms or phrases people might use to search for creative work like yours. These things help people find your work on Behance.

The process is what we marketers call Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We use it to improve the search presence of websites and blogs. You can replicate it for Behance.

With proper keywords and other optimisations, Valeriia Vodiashyna received 1.5k views within a few days for a project.

Similarly, including proper project tags in your work is also essential. Put tags that describe the project and the tools used. They help improve the discoverability of your work.


3. Interact with the Behance community.

And while you’re optimizing your profile, keep in mind:

“Behance isn’t just a platform for showcasing your creative work – It’s also a vibrant community of creative professionals like you.”

So, if you admire someone’s work, interact with them. Active engagement with the community builds relationships and opens doors to many potential collaborations.

By appreciating and commenting on others work, your Behance profile visibility also improves. One user got 20K views in just 3 months by being an active member.

But while you do so, make sure your comments are relevant. Take the time to craft responses that add value. It requires a bit of effort, of course, but it’s rewarding in the long run. It leads you to recognition among other users.

And while you’re engaging, also follow users you like. It increases the likelihood that they’ll follow you back. Joining relevant Behance galleries is another great way to gain exposure.


4. Promote your Behance profile.

While Behance is a powerful platform in itself, you can maximise its potential with promotion. What you should do is share and show your work on other platforms.

Share new projects across your social media channels as you upload them to Behance. Add captions that explain the project and entice your audience to click the link. Also, leverage a newsletter or email list you have.

Also, all social media platforms allow you to add a link to your profile. You can insert your Behance link there. Linking your Behance profile to other social media platforms is an easy way to get more project views from your friends and professional acquaintances.

Promote your Behance profile everywhere you can. If you have a personal website or blog, include a link there as well.


5. Stay consistent and active.

And now, the last tip is: to upload new projects regularly to Behance. It keeps your profile fresh and gives followers and visitors a reason to keep coming back.

Each new project is an opportunity to show off your evolving skills and creativity. Also, the more frequently you post, the more likely your work will be seen.

Staying active also means revisiting and updating old projects. It will breathe new life into them and your profile.

By being active, you can also notice and make use of trends. But don’t rush to post just to ride a trend. You need to share quality projects that showcase your skills effectively. If you harness trends well, your views will surely blow off the roof.


FAQs about getting more views on Behance

1. Is Behance good for a portfolio?

Yes. A hundred times, yes. Behance has an active community of creative professionals. So, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to network and show your work.

2. How popular is Behance?

As of December 2022, Behance has over 40 million users worldwide. These users belong to around 120 creative fields, including illustration, photography, motion design, etc.

3. Is Behance free to publish?

Yes, it’s free to publish your creative work on Behance. You can create an account and start uploading your projects right away.

4. Can you see who views your Behance?

Yes, you can see who has viewed your profile and your projects. You get those insights on Behance easily.

5. Can you make money on Behance?

Yes, apart from finding freelance jobs and collaborations, you can make money on Behance by offering content subscriptions.


Wrapping It Up

Behance is a powerful platform for designers, artists and other creative professionals. And to get more views and likes on Behance, you’ll need to put in some serious effort. The steps mentioned above will give your profile a boost for sure.

So, start optimising your Behance profile today, and watch your creative work spread its wings worldwide.

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