Top Free ZoomInfo Alternatives that Won’t Break Your Bank

When you’re thinking of growing your client base, ZoomInfo is pretty much the first choice to find new leads. It has a vast database of company and contact information. And this database makes ZoomInfo valuable to all kinds of businesses.

Unfortunately, such a database comes with a hefty price tag. ZoomInfo is flat expensive, and it’s not a feasible option for many.

The good news is that the Internet has several free alternatives to ZoomInfo.

In this article, we will explore some of those. These tools offer functions similar to ZoomInfo on your budget. And these will get the data you need.

So, buckle up. Let’s dive into the options!


Free Alternatives to ZoomInfo

Top Free Alternatives to ZoomInfo

1. LeadRocks – Enriched B2B contact database

LeadRocks is a free alternative to ZoomInfo with efficient lead generation for businesses. It’s a reliable B2B contact database that offers a user-friendly interface to filter and search through information.

Another key feature of LeadRocks is its ability to extract contact details from LinkedIn. It also allows you to verify emails and add missing information to their existing leads.

LeadRocks makes it easy to populate your CRM and automation tools. It has a free forever plan with credits to access 50 contacts per month.


2. Clodura.AI – AI-powered lead gen platform

Clodura.AI has an extensive database of company profiles and contact information. It updates its contacts database continually and claims 95% accuracy. So, it makes your B2B outreach more efficient.

The best thing about Clodura.AI is its AI-based recommendation algorithm. The algo analyses and identifies low-hanging sales opportunities suitable for you. You can also generate a list of potential leads yourself using its advanced search filters.

Clodura.AI has a free forever plan that offers access to 25 contacts per month. Plus, its CRM integrations and sales intelligence ensure you don’t have to shuffle through different tools.


3. Double – AI-powered lead enrichment

Double is a lead enrichment tool that finds and verifies lead details online. It can help you scrape data from Google, LinkedIn and the company websites to update details. It uses AI to enrich and verify the data, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

With Double, you can flag and clean corrupt names and standardise data throughout. It also helps you qualify leads against your Ideal Customer Profile.

Double’s pricing is based on your usage of its AI feature. Its free plan offers 200K characters per month of AI instruction, enough to save time and effort spent in managing leads.


4. Prospectss – Contact scraper and outreach

Prospectss is another affordable ZoomInfo alternative that provides bulk leads. It’s a growth marketing tool, essentially, with content scraping and automated outreach features.

Prospectss allows you to scrape lead data from websites, social media platforms and search engines. You can extract lead details and export them easily. With Prospectss, you can also find and verify emails, look for relevant Quora posts, and mass message on social media.

It’s an affordable tool for lead generation, even if it isn’t a replica of ZoomInfo. It has usage-based pricing, and it provides 30 free credits upon signing up.

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5. Inbox Leads – SaaS company database

Inbox Leads isn’t a tool but a service. And it has a broad database of SaaS companies that you can use to outreach. The team sends you a verified list of prospective B2B clients or users every month.

With Inbox Leads, you get company data as well as the founder’s contact information. And as an alternative to ZoomInfo, it’s a good option.

Inbox Leads comes with a free trial, and you get a sample list when you sign up for the service. It’s an affordable service to get regular, tailored databases.


6. GrowToro – Targeted database with outreach

GrowToro is one of the newest free alternatives to ZoomInfo. It’s an all-in-one platform to get targeted data, reach out to prospects, and convert leads.

The AI tools and template library of GrowToro make it easy to personalize outreach. More than a B2B contact database, it’s a growth tool. You can use GrowToro to run campaigns, build lead pipelines, and grow your business.

The free plan provides access to 25 active contacts per month. You also get basic reporting and analytics to measure your progress.


7. Clearbit – Lead enrichment and conversion

Clearbit is a marketing tool with automated data updation features. It can help you understand and prioritize the opportunities and create lead segments with actionable insights.

Apart from its lead enrichment services, Clearbit also has website monitoring features. It can identify ideal customers and convert high-intent visitors. And it comes in handy even when you need to find a prospect’s email address.

Clearbit can integrate with popular sales and marketing tools to make managing and tracking leads easy. Its free plan is an excellent option to begin with.

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Other Free Alternatives to ZoomInfo

A few other free ZoomInfo alternatives worth mentioning are:

People Data Labs: A comprehensive B2B data platform for businesses.

Seamless.AI: An AI-powered search tool for B2B sales lead details.

GetProspect: A simple and affordable email finder and outreach tool for businesses.

ContactOut: A powerful email finder with a strong focus on people searches and personal email addresses.

These tools have a free plan, albeit with limitations, that provides access to essential features similar to ZoomInfo. These can be excellent choices for businesses looking for cost-effective tools to find quality leads.

And if these tools feel inefficient, you can always opt for popular ZoomInfo alternatives. Some of these include LeadFuze, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Lusha. UpLead, D&B Hoovers and GrowMeOrganic are a few others you can consider.


Wrapping It Up

While ZoomInfo is the go-to choice to get your hands on a heap of contacts, it’s not the only tool. These free alternatives to ZoomInfo will get you the essential information you need for your business growth.

So, feel free to explore these alternatives. You sure will find the one that suits your business the best.

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