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Elevating Cuenote’s Brand- A Strategic Journey to 10,000 Signups in 2 Months

Client Overview:

Client Name: Cuenote  

Industry: Ed Tech  

Products and Services: Cuenote is an AI-powered learning tool dedicated to enhancing knowledge retention by focusing on efficient learning methods. The platform’s mission is to make learning streamlined, effective, enjoyable, and results-driven.


 The Challenge:

Cuenote approached our digital marketing agency with an ambitious goal: to achieve 10,000 signups within a tight timeframe of 2 months.


 The Solution:

Elevating Cuenote’s Brand Visibility

In response to the challenge, we crafted a comprehensive strategy aimed at boosting Cuenote’s brand visibility and driving user signups.

1. Tailoring Campaigns for Students:

Recognizing the importance of connecting with the primary user base, we tailored campaigns to address the unique needs of students. By creating content that resonated within their academic and personal spheres, we ensured the brand remained relevant and relatable.

2. Influencer Collaboration:

We collaborated with 7 influencers from diverse niches within the learning community. Leveraging their reach and credibility, these influencers played a pivotal role in endorsing Cuenote, fostering trust and interest among their followers.

3. Remarketing for Greater Impact:

Our precision-focused remarketing efforts targeted individuals who had previously visited the Cuenote website and engaged with our brand on Instagram. These personalized approaches aimed to rekindle interest and encourage further interaction, maximizing the impact of our campaigns.

4. Engagement Campaigns on Instagram:

To foster dynamic and interactive relationships, we executed engaging campaigns on Instagram. Simultaneously, traffic-focused initiatives were deployed to drive visitors to the Cuenote website, creating opportunities for increased brand engagement.

5. Targeting NEET-Preparing Students:

Recognizing the unique needs of NEET-preparing students, we launched a targeted campaign designed to boost brand awareness and increase signups. Creatives were crafted to resonate with the aspirations and challenges faced by this distinct audience.

6. Data-Driven Lookalike Campaign:

To expand our reach, we introduced a data-driven lookalike campaign, mirroring the characteristics of visitors identified through dashboard analytics. This strategy aimed to identify and target audiences with similar traits, enhancing the potential for successful brand engagement.


 The Results:

Within the targeted 2-month period, our strategic digital marketing efforts resulted in an impressive 10,000 signups for Cuenote. The campaign’s success not only achieved the client’s goals but also established a solid foundation for continued brand growth and engagement in the competitive Ed Tech landscape.



The collaboration between our digital marketing agency and Cuenote exemplifies the power of a strategic and tailored approach. By combining influencer collaboration, precision-focused remarketing, targeted campaigns, and data-driven strategies, we not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, propelling Cuenote to new heights in the Ed Tech industry.


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