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452% Increase in Monthly E-commerce Sales through Performance Marketing

Industry: Gifting  

Service: Performance Marketing  

Time Period: May 2024


An online store specializing in culturally-inspired gifts and souvenirs, faced a significant challenge: its Shopify website struggled to generate sales. Despite a compelling product lineup that included detailed miniatures, decorative mugs, and themed gifts reflecting rich cultural heritage, the website saw minimal traffic and conversions. Memory Train engaged us to turn around their e-commerce sales through targeted performance marketing.



  1. Low Sales from the Shopify Website: Prior to our intervention, their website had minimal sales.
  2. Identifying Winning Products and Assets: Determining which products and ad assets would drive the highest engagement and conversions was crucial.
  3. Audience Targeting: Effectively reaching and engaging the right audience segments was essential to improving sales.



– Increase monthly sales from the Shopify website.

– Optimize audience targeting to maximize return on ad spend.



Our strategy focused on a multi-faceted approach to performance marketing:

  1. Campaign Structure for Product and Asset Testing:  

We organized our campaign to test different products and assets. Separate ad sets were created for each product with individual budgets. This approach ensured that every product had the opportunity to spend and deliver results, allowing us to gather insights on which products resonated most with the audience.

  1. Daily Performance Monitoring:  

We monitored key metrics such as CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), CTR (Click-Through Rate), and ad interactions daily. This close scrutiny enabled us to quickly identify and turn off underperforming ads, ensuring the budget was optimized and directed towards the best-performing ads.

  1. A/B Testing of Ad Assets:  

For each campaign, we launched multiple ads with the same budget to test different creative ideas. This A/B testing revealed which creatives resonated best with the audience, allowing us to refine our ads continually. The insights from these tests helped us create more effective ads that drove higher engagement and conversions.

  1. Audience A/B Testing:  

We tested different audience segments using the same ads to identify which groups responded best. By comparing the performance across various demographics and interests, we could shift our budget to focus on the highest-performing segments, maximizing the efficiency of our ad spend.



Our performance marketing strategy yielded impressive results:

– 452% Increase in Monthly Sales: Compared to the previous month, their Shopify website saw a 452% increase in monthly sales.

– Optimized Ad Spend: Through daily monitoring and A/B testing, we ensured that the budget was used effectively, focusing on the best-performing products, assets, and audience segments.

– Enhanced Product and Audience Insights: The structured campaign approach provided valuable insights into which products and audience segments drove the most engagement and conversions.



Our performance marketing approach transformed their e-commerce performance, turning a struggling Shopify store into a thriving sales channel. By focusing on detailed product and audience testing, continuous monitoring, and strategic optimization, we were able to drive significant sales growth and deliver tangible value to the client.

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