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Boosting E-commerce Success: Achieving 17% Growth in Non-Branded Traffic Through Strategic SEO

Client Overview

A leading textile retailer renowned for its high-quality sarees and clothing products, faced challenges in attracting organic traffic from non-branded keywords despite having a strong brand presence. The main objective was to capture non-branded traffic to generate new leads and expand their customer base.

The Challenge

While the client’s primary traffic source was branded keywords, this limited their ability to draw new visitors unfamiliar with the brand. The goal was to attract non-branded traffic to generate new leads and increase organic growth.

The Solution

To address this issue, our SEO and content teams developed and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy focused on competitive non-branded keywords. Key components of the strategy included:

  1. Creation of New Collections
    • Developed and optimized various collections for sarees, focusing on different styles, fabrics, and occasions. This provided a wider range of search terms for potential customers to discover the products.
  2. Content Optimization
    • Enhanced existing content and created new, high-quality content targeting non-branded keywords. This included detailed product descriptions, blog posts, and guides related to sarees and fashion trends.
  3. Keyword Strategy
    • Conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify high-potential non-branded keywords and integrated them strategically into the website content.
  4. Technical SEO Improvements
    • Improved site structure, meta tags, and internal linking to ensure better crawlability and indexing by search engines.
  5. Backlink Building
    • Acquired high-quality backlinks from reputable fashion and textile websites to boost domain authority and improve search rankings.


Conversion Optimization Analysis Despite the increase in traffic, the conversion rates were not meeting expectations. To address this, we conducted an initial analysis and identified key areas for improvement:

  1. UI Improvements
    • Enhanced the user interface to provide a more seamless and intuitive shopping experience. This included refining the navigation, optimizing the product pages, and ensuring a mobile-friendly design.
  2. Internal Linking Strategy
    • Implemented an effective internal linking strategy to guide users through the website more efficiently, improving the chances of conversion by linking related products and collections.
  3. Content Adjustments
    • Revised product descriptions to highlight unique selling points and include persuasive calls to action, making it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions.

The Results

Boosting E-commerce Success: Achieving 17% Growth in Non-Branded Traffic Through Strategic SEO

The implementation of these strategies yielded significant results from March to May:

  • Non-branded Traffic: Experienced a notable growth of 17%.
  • Branded Traffic: Saw an impressive increase of 13%.
  • Keyword Rankings: Significant improvements in rankings for the main keywords.
  • Organic Clicks: Increased by 12%.
  • Organic Impressions: Rose by 17%.
  • Organic Users: Grew by 11%.

These metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of our SEO approach in enhancing online visibility and attracting a broader audience. The well-planned and executed SEO strategy, focusing on competitive non-branded keywords, successfully increased organic traffic for the leading e-commerce textile retailer. This case study highlights the power of targeted content and effective SEO practices in enhancing online visibility and generating new leads, showcasing our commitment to driving substantial growth for our clients in the competitive e-commerce sector.

Non- Branded keywords: 

Boosting E-commerce Success: Achieving 17% Growth in Non-Branded Traffic Through Strategic SEO

Branded Keywords:

Boosting E-commerce Success: Achieving 17% Growth in Non-Branded Traffic Through Strategic SEO

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