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How We Generated 28000 Leads and 50+ Lakh Sales for an Offline Store


Nandilath G Mart is one of the largest electronics and Home appliances store network in Kerala. With over 30+ showrooms across the state Nandilath has been a major player in the segment for years.


The second wave of the pandemic has forced all the businesses to close and the whole state went into a lockdown for several weeks. The whole sales and services had to stop and with zero sales the business was at its lowest in a long time. With Blusteak onboard they wanted to generate an online buzz during the lockdown period and pick up the sales once the business opened. This is a case study of what we achieved in a week during lockdown.

Problem Statement

The social media posts about products and new launches gathered multiple product enquiries even during the lockdown and showed that the people are ready to purchase, it’s only a matter of time we reach them with an offer.

Client wants to bag as many as purchases as possible once the shops are open, as home delivery was not an option during the state-wide lockdown.


Major challenge was the Statewide lockdown where all the shops are closed and sales are literally zero. We had to reach the customers with the right offer and strategy so that we bag the maximum enquiries during this lockdown period.


We developed a lead generation Ad campaign strategy for Facebook and Instagram.

Being an electronics and home appliances network Nandilath had thousands of products in multiple categories.

We broke it into six major categories and pushed the lead collection ads to our target audience across Kerala with attractive offers for each product category.

We had a team setup by the client to follow-up the leads and ensure they are taken care of as soon as they submit the details.

Video Explanation

Impact / Results

With running the Ad campaign for a week we were able to get 28k+ leads in six categories during the lockdown period.

Among these collected leads more than 50% of the leads turned out to be interested in a purchase.

We continued the cold call strategy and booked a time for each customer to purchase when the store opened. After a week when the store finally opened we recorded a sale of 500 mobile phones and 83 laptops in the first day. With an average purchase value for a smart phone being 10k and laptop being 20k we were able to generate a revenue of more than 50 lakh in the reopening day after a statewide lockdown.

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