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How We Got 1300+ Organic Shares for an Instagram Post


Our agency’s Instagram handle has more than 5100 followers as of June 2021, we try to showcase our creativity through the account. Since Covid vaccination registration portal ‘CoWin’ was trending, we decided to do something around that.


  • The vaccination topic is a sensitive one, we cannot joke around it.
  • Needed to provide value to the audience and we wanted to send a helpful message in a creative way.


We decided to spread the information that one person can help register upto 4 members via their CoWIN account. This meant that anyone who knows how to register and operate OTPs can help 3 others to register for the vaccine. We combined this idea with Netflix’s login screen which shows 4 different icons to select users from. The design was implemented in the manner it resembled the corresponding Netflix Screen.

The Post:


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Video Explanation:


  • Shared by celebrities like Sneha Reddy (Allu Arjun’s Wife)
  • Got 1300+ organic shares
  • Many could have helped the elderly & needy with the registration!
  • Got featured in All About Marketing page (4000+ Likes)
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