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How Blusteak Helped Athreya to Reach More Than 3M Reel Views and 10,000+ Followers in 1 Month


Athreya is one of the highest rated Ayurvedic healthcare resorts in the world with visitors from all around the globe. They have been the recipient of TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice and Excellence Award for straight 10 years.


When Athreya was on board, they had nearly 200 followers and Blusteak tried weekly posts and stories for testing their effectiveness in Ayurveda domain and was working fine. But Blusteak didn’t sign up for just ‘fine’. The goal was to reach 1000+ organic followers within a month and that’s when the idea of Ayurveda for welfare Reels struck.

Problem statement:

  • The usual healthcare posts weren’t highly effective and it would take a lot of time to hit the followers Athreya target.
  • Since the introduction of COVID-19, the possibility for Person-Person consultation has become unhandy. So Athreya wanted to focus on Online consultation.


  • Content Ideas – Viewers want content which could solve their daily health issues. A simple Google search wouldn’t solve this.
  • Possibility of running Ads – Instagram doesn’t support Paid Ads for Reels.


1. Medical Questionnaire research – Retrieved the previously submitted patient enquiries.

2. These submissions were analyzed and selected the frequently asked topics.

3. With the assistance of Dr. Sreejit, the head of Athreya Ayurvedic Centre, Blusteak made catchy headlines for the selected topics.

4. The next step was to shoot 30 second reel videos for these topics and edit them in a creative manner.

5. These reel videos were released one by one with proper descriptions and hashtags.

6. Another important breakthrough was the addition of FAQs in each reels so that the viewers will be benefited.

Video Explanation:


  • Increase in followers by +372% (10,000+)
  • 3M views for the reels of that month
  • Online consultation opportunities from people around the globe

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