5 Unique Ways to Get Foreign B2B Clients from India

Working with foreign clients puts you up for a diverse range of opportunities. You grow and scale at a faster rate. And you’re better prepared to move through this competitive business world.

But how can you get international B2B clients from India?

Now, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. Sure, it takes time to get your first foreign client. But getting regular international clients for your B2B business in India isn’t a far-fetched dream. Once the wheels are in motion, you’ll grow rapidly in the global market.

So, here are five unique and effective ways to get foreign B2B clients from India. You can start implementing them right away and see results within a short span.

Let’s dive in.

1. Use LinkedIn search feature

Linkedin Advanced search feature

B2B professionals meet and grow their network on LinkedIn. Thus, LinkedIn is among the best places to land foreign B2B clients.

To begin with, you can use its search feature to look for prospects who would be interested in your services. Your search phrase can be something like looking for XYZ services or need XYZ agency.

For example, let’s suppose you’re a logistics company. And you want to find clients who need someone to handle their supply chain logistics.

So, what you can do is search looking for logistics service providers and click on Posts. It will highlight all the posts which consist of that phrase. Then, you can sort the results by the date they’re posted. You can also filter the results to see posts from only specific industries.

Thus, you’ll be able to find potential international clients on LinkedIn.

2. Look for clients on Twitter

Plenty of foreign B2B professionals use Twitter to find required service providers. And you can use its search feature to look for clients there.

Your approach can be the same as with LinkedIn. You can search for something like looking for XYZ services, need XYZ agency or do you know any XYZ company. And you’ll have the list of the top and recent tweets which match your search phrase.

You can also use Twitter’s advanced filtering tools to narrow down the search results and find B2B clients relevant to you.

Twitter’s Advanced Search, when used well, can surface plenty of B2B leads.

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3. Answer questions on Quora

People visit Quora to seek solutions to their problems. And you can come on the radar of potential clients by providing them those solutions.

What you’ve to do is to search for industry-specific questions which you can answer. For example, if you provide communication services, you can answer questions related to video conferencing, VoIP and whatever other services you provide.

So, take care to write as valuable answers as you can. And in there, you can subtly mention about your business and the services you provide.

Quora answers are public, and they appear in the relevant search results too. Therefore, when other businesses look for similar solutions, they get to see your answers too. And if your answers are valuable, prospects will approach you for business.

You can even push your answers to potential clients using paid ads. Check how to use Quora Promoted Answers for your business.

4. Browse public contract boards

Many countries have public contracts boards which you can use to search and explore potential business opportunities. These are similar to Craigslist, but intended for B2B services.

Some sites are:

  • governmentcontracts.us (to search for US businesses)
  • contractsfinder.service.gov.uk (for UK businesses)
  • search.open.canada.ca/ct (for Canadian businesses)

Similarly, for business opportunities in Europe, you can browse ted.europa.eu. You can even look for different state-level contract boards if you want clients from selected places in those countries.

So, search for relevant open contracts and get in touch with clients to seal the deal.

5. Attend international webinars

International webinars and online workshops also are prominent sources to get international clients from India.

And it’s easy because most webinar platforms come with built-in chat feature to interact with the attendees. And if private chat is available, you can even have one-to-one conversations with potential clients right during the webinar.

Then, many event organisers also create dedicated hashtags for event-related posts on social media platforms. It makes it easier for you to reach out to the speakers and the attendees. Thus, you’ll be able to connect with prospective clients.

Audio-based events on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are also helpful in finding clients around the world.

Wrapping up

LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora can help you reach many international B2B clients from India. Keeping a regular eye on job boards and upcoming webinars can also lead you to new business opportunities. And these won’t cost a penny.

So, prepare a strategy and get the ball rolling.

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