How to Use Quora Ads to Promote Your Business?

Quora has been a popular platform among businesses and marketers for various reasons. You can find a new audience, drive referral traffic to your website, and build reputable brand awareness. But have you tried Quora Ads to promote your business?

Yes, you can set up different ads like promoting answers which can benefit your business. These answers can build trust among your audience. Many businesses are leveraging Quora Ads to improve their traffic. And I tried the same for Blusteak Media.

So, in this article, I’m explaining what Quora Promoted Answers are. I’ll also tell you how to use these paid promotions for your business.

Here you go.
How to Use Quora Ads to Promote Your Business?

What are Promoted Answers in Quora?

Promoted Answers are an ad type. You can use it to push an answer for better visibility in the audience feed. These answers appear, along with the question, like normal Q&As but they have “Promoted” mentioned on their top.

You can promote any answer on Quora. It can be a detailed answer you wrote about your services or a positive product experience written by a Quora user.

Quora Promoted Answers can bring substantial results to your business, when you do it in the right way.

How effective are Quora Promoted Answers?

As always, “It depends.” But in any case, Promoted Answers can be a great way to stack some traffic and leads.

For the last few days, I have been testing the Promoted Answers ad type for Blusteak. Have looked for answers which mentioned Blusteak Media and promoted them among my audience. Those were short-term campaigns, but the promoted answers gathered a good reach within that time. Check the image below.

How to Use Quora Ads to Promote Your Business?

Yes, of course, the reach will vary on how interested people are in knowing about your industry. The campaign success also depends on the way you filter the demographics.

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How to promote answers within Quora?

To use Quora ads, you’ll need to create an ad account.

How to Use Quora Ads to Promote Your Business?

Now, when you create a new ad campaign, select “Promote an answer” format from the list. Name the campaign and insert the link to the answer you want to promote. This can be your answer or by some other Quora user.

Next, select the target audience and target location for the campaign.

How to Use Quora Ads to Promote Your Business?

Quora offers different audience targeting options like Contextual targeting and Behavioural targeting. For the “kuber” promo, for example, I selected Contextual targeting. And I targeted topics like Social Media Strategy, Giveaways and Instagram Marketing. These were relevant to the question being answered.

For target location, I went ahead with the countries I wanted the audience and potential clients from. You can even choose to exclude certain locations for the selected campaign.

How to get the most out of Promoted Answers?

How to Use Quora Ads to Promote Your Business?

When it comes to promoting answers, you shouldn’t just boost any. Not all answers bring favourable results. Promote an answer as per your goal – awareness, conversion or traffic.

For that, select a relevant question or FAQ that you think will interest your customers. You can even post FAQs if not asked already on Quora. You can do this anonymously. Then, answer the question yourself or invite your loyal customers to write about your services. Now, choose high-quality answers to promote your business.

Keep in mind: A suitable answer is the one which provides the best solution to the question. It doesn’t look promotional or spammy.


Quora Promoted Answers ad type can bring highly qualified leads and relevant traffic to your business website. These answers appear alongside other answers. And except for “Promoted” mentioned, they look no different from the regular questions and answers.

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