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Chatbots to Cut Down Lead Cost for an Engineering College


To collect leads of students who might be interested in engineering before the admission season so as to have an early advantage in marketing.


We created a chatbot which acted as a quiz platform.

  • The questions were based on the 12th STD science syllabus as we needed to get 12th standard science students as leads.
  • No one would respond to an admission campaign now, but will respond to quiz competitions.
  • The quiz bot →
  • Those who participated in the quiz were automatically a qualifiable lead since they showed interest towards engineering and are in the correct age group.
  • We also collect contact details before the quiz so to contact them on a later stage


  • 988 leads generated
  • Only 7.88 Rs per lead (CPL for admission campaigns is 50- 60 rs )
  • 57% of leads were interested and could be called Sales qualified leads.

Beware of hiring scams in our name; we never ask for payment from candidates.