Rap video <> Care N Cure

The Problem:

Care N Cure is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Qatar. They have launched a new eCommerce portal which was handed over to us to bring in sales. We were increasing the sales steadily: on a monthly basis. Now, we needed to do something different rather than push the products or offers. The call of the hour was to engage with the audience, we needed to grab eyeballs.


Something that was different, not attempted by anyone in the same industry in Qatar was chosen – We decided to pull off a Rap video. Our team made sure that the lyrics resonated with an audience that will prefer to buy pharmaceuticals online and also ensured that it communicated other USPs like 5-hour delivery and the availability of 5000+ products.


Distribution: Facebook Ads


The rap video went on to get 15x Returns on Ad spent and pulled off the biggest share of sales that happened that month.

The search clicks for the branded keyword “Care N Cure Pharmacy” grew by 42% on Google compared to the previous month.

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