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How Blusteak Helped HHYS Cut Lead Cost by 66 Percent


HHYS Inframart is one of the foremost business houses in the state; the group has been leading in retailing of construction materials. A venture that brings premium tile and bathware brands, under one roof.


Right off the bat, we needed to give the client some sales from digital marketing. For a retail store, without E commerce, Lead generation was a viable method.

Problem Statement:

FB direct lead generation was expensive and did not generate quality leads.


  • High Lead Cost -The lead cost was high and same as the same cost for lead generation when HHYS ran the campaign In-House.
  • Low quality Leads- FB direct lead generation has a lot of Auto-Fills and there are people accidently filling the leads.
  • Just a lead generation did not make sense as people are not very comfortable with just giving numbers and name just to be called upon.


Appointment Booking & Leveraging Facebook Pixel; Since there is a pandemic, we decided to go in the angle of appointment booking so that the salesperson can be ready for you and manage the crowd accordingly. People can select the day and time of the arrival and what they are looking for & HHYS will be ready. Instead of lead follow up and asking what they want, just a follow up confirmation call was required , which didn’t annoy the users and the calls can be short .


1. Collected appointments with Google forms, But Cost per appointment was very high & we couldn’t track the people visiting the Google Forms. But lead quality was Comparatively good

2. While collecting leads on G-Forms, we built a landing page to make the appointment booking experience more premium & trustworthy

3. A FB tracking code and Google tracking code were added on the landing page. Now we have all the data and ads can be optimised accordingly

4. Optimised ads for set events were run which got our lead cost down by 66 percent & increased the lead quality.

5. Once the competition saw this innovative way for getting new customers, they tried to ruin the campaign by filling fake numbers & booking fake appointments. This was done from a single computer. So we limited the booking to one booking per IP address and that issue was solved.


Lead cost down by 66% and lead quality up by 40 percentage.

Beware of hiring scams in our name; we never ask for payment from candidates.