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How Blusteak Helped Oxygen Digital Kick Start E-commerce?


Oxygen Digital Shop truly holds a unique position as South India’s leading Digital retail chain. A wave of change is sweeping the retail consumer electronics market, disruption by consumer electronics companies is changing the competitive landscape with digital.

The case follows how Blusteak helped Oxygen Digital shop achieve the ability to change and adopt consumer-centric practices. This case helps the reader understand how the marketing framework was revised to meet the rising customer expectations & convenience through digital transformation.


Benjamin suddenly leaned forward, putting his arms on the table as though to get this ironed out. Still, Jaison spoke up before he did ‘; you are given overall responsibility for executing the Online Gadget Sale. He found himself looking at Jaison with sheer surprise. From now on, Benjamin would have to orchestrate the successful completion of the OMG Sale campaign, keeping in mind the key foundations of making an IMPACT at Blusteak – Reach, Sales, Execution & Client Feedback.

OMG Sale was a 10-day online sale conducted from 2nd February 2021 – 12th February 2021. Blusteak undertook the online campaign initiative for Oxygen Digital Shop. Benjamin knew to move people, the only lever that works would be self-interest. With the help of Jaison (Strategy), Sanjay (Creative Direction), Telson (Strategy), Sharath (Advertising), Anish( Graphic design), they were able to craft the offer pricing, target audience, the communication, and visuals that will create awareness about the OMG campaign and finally persuade the customer to buy Oxygen Digital shop’s products.


Objective – Increase Online Sale
Mindset – Thrill me ( Create exciting offers for the target audience)
Effort – 10x current weekly sale
KPI – ROAS, Conversion rate


Oxygen Digital shop is new to the eCommerce playground. Since they had not run any campaigns earlier, they wanted to enter the Kerala consumer electronics market with a bang.


Campaign Title
O.M.G. Sale – Online Mega Gaget Sale
Aim – Create awareness of Oxygen Digital Shop and its ability to house a large collection of electronic products available to be purchased online at unbeatable price


The pricing strategy created for the OMG Sale was to compete with big players like Flipkart and Amazon. Blusteak suggested the discount offers & cashback amounts to create differentiation for Oxygen Digital shop against the competitive pricing.

Activities were designed to keep in mind the customer journey & marketing activities were custom-tailored based on the stage of the customer’s journey.


To spread the word that Oxygen Digital Shop is conducting an Online Sale, we created A Bluetooth speaker giveaway competition by collaborating with Influencer Couple (@meeth_miri )


We created a video themed around how everyone is buying electronic gadgets online through Oxygen Digital Shop. Cross promoted it on Social media.


Created an entire page for OMG Sale. The User interface was optimized for improving the conversion rate( Created a message under the pricing text to show % + 5000 CASHBACK ) Introduced an announcement bar on all pages which communicated the % Discount + Cashback.

Paid Advertising:

Facebook Ads – 18 Campaigns
Google Ads – 10 Campaigns
Design – 146 Creatives ( Multiple variations designed for Dynamic Ads)


Ran a remarketing Countdown campaign by creating a custom audience who had shown interest in OMG Sale.



Through continuous iterations in the campaign plan by identifying what is working & what is not, we generated 4x ROAS( Overall ) and 14x ROAS on the remarketing campaigns. OMG, Sale was featured in Vanitha as Kerala’s biggest online campaign.

OMG, Sale was able to provide answers to important questions :

  1. How can Oxygen Digital Shop become an essential part of the everyday life of its customers?
  2. How can the conversion rate increase by making optimization on UX?
  3. The target audience with the highest Conversion rate?

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