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How We Helped Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital Get More Admissions to Their Hospital


Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital is one of the most renowned ayurvedic hospitals in pandalam, with more than 80 years of tradition. They provide authentic Ayurveda panchakarma treatment for joint pain, back pain, neck pain, PCOD, Migraine, tension, anxiety, skin problems, eye problems, etc.

Target Goals:

The main target was to increase the number of inquiries coming into the hospital and thereby increase the number of admissions for the various treatments they offer.

What used to work:

In the past, we have seen that running lead generation campaigns on Facebook to collect leads (contacts of interested parties) used to work perfectly fine. But nowadays running lead generation campaigns comes with a cost.

Challenges of running Lead generation campaigns:

Lead generation campaigns are widely used by many marketers all across the world to collect leads. But the main issue with this model is the lead quality. There might be a lot of casual inquiries within this model. This means even if we manage to generate more than 20 or 30 leads, because of the poor lead quality, the number of actual admissions or genuine customers will actually be very low.

The solution:

The solution we found for this is a combination of two strategies. First of all, two increase the lead quality, we decided to run call ads wherein the customer would directly make the call for inquiries, rather than the hospital calling them. This lead to a great increase in lead quality as only those customers who are genuinely interested would make the call. Now, the only remaining issue was the number of leads. For this, we decided to make multiple testimonial videos of people who got cured with the treatment offered by the hospital. We would show the potential audience multiple videos with the help of retargeting ads. Hence, the same person would be shown all the videos one after the other. This increased trust within their minds knowing that other people have received successful treatment in the hospital.

The end result:

Through the combination of the above 2 strategies, we managed to gather more than 30 genuine inquiries every day and with this, the target goals for the hospital were achieved.

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