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Used Giveaway Campaign on Instagram for CoinSwitch Kuber


Coinswitch Kuber is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in India. It has more than 3M+ users in its platforms. They are known for their customer support and simplicity of use.


We needed to come up with a really unique yet engaging campaign idea for CoinSwitch Kuber for Holi. It should also be clubbed with a giveaway activity that could possibly bring in people to be an active user of the cryptocurrency app.

Idea we came up with:

We decided to create a separate Instagram account with the name “Kuber Mine”. The idea was to make the entire instagram account look like a real mine with different layers of soil. [Watch the video embedded at the bottom to get an idea]. The reason to make a mine was to create a virtual mining challenge out of it. We would ask people to mine through the account and find out the number of Bitcoins hidden in it. It was also relevant to the brand since the word “Mining” is really important as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned.


We created a totally new account on Instagram with the name “Kuber mine”. Created a template and added lots of images that when put together creates the look of a mine. Also added some colors into the mine to give the feeling of Holi. 17 Bitcoins were hidden in the mine and how people could participate was by putting the number of Bitcoins they found out on their Instagram stories and by tagging our IG account, which gave it the network effect.



Got 1000+ engagements and tens & thousands plus organic impressions for the brand on twitter, Instagram and Telegram.


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