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How We Increased Sales Attributed to Marketing by 70%

How We Increased Sales Attributed to Marketing by 70%


Care n Cure pharmacy is one of the leading online pharmacies in Qatar dealing with essential medicines, health care equipments, cosmetics, baby products and more.

The Challenge:

We have so far managed to double the sales for Care n Cure since we first started in May of 2020. However, we noticed that the conversion ratio in the website was not very high. On further analysis, we also noticed that 80% of the sales were coming from people directly searching for the product in the search bar. We realised that the few collection banners given in the website were not at all driving clicks.

The Solution:

Based on our analysis, we knew we had to make the website more vibrant and engaging to the customers. So we came up with the plan to change the theme entirely. We designed the new theme in such a way that customers are more likely to stay on the homepage a lot more than before courtesy of collection banners for the most in demand products, a section for recently viewed products, etc.

Video Explainer:

The Result:

As a result of all these changes, we were able to see a considerable spike in the conversion ratio whereby it increased by 15%. We also noticed that the number of add to carts we got also increased by 10%. Now people were more likely to purchase by clicking on some of the banners displayed and with that we were also able to increase the sales attributed to marketing (can be tracked by using utm parameters) by more than 70%.

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