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The Power of Meta Ads: How a Leading Online Pharmacy Achieved Remarkable Results

This case study showcases the successful collaboration between a prominent online pharmacy in Qatar and our digital marketing team. Our primary focus was on implementing performance marketing strategies using Meta Ads to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) and average order value (AOV) while simultaneously reducing marketing expenses. This case study highlights the challenges faced, our tailored solution, and the exceptional results achieved during the period of June 01 to June 30.


Client Overview:

Industry: Pharmacy

Brief: The client operates as a leading online pharmacy in Qatar, encompassing multiple pharmacy outlets across the nation. Their extensive range of products spans categories such as Vitamins & Supplements, Medicines & Treatment, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Mother & Baby Care, Home Health Care, Hair and Nail Care, and more. They pride themselves on providing same-day express delivery within 2 hours.

Service Focus: Performance Marketing – Meta Ads

Result Achieved: 

  • Facebook Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 5.48
  • Average Order Value (AOV): 124


The Challenge:

The client approached us with a specific challenge: to reduce their marketing spend without compromising the number of orders, ROAS, AOV, and total revenue. The task at hand required an innovative approach to optimize their marketing efforts while maintaining or even enhancing key performance indicators.


Our Solution:

To address the client’s requirements of achieving an AOV of 100 and an FB ROAS of 5, our team devised a strategic plan centered around two main components: product selection and optimized campaigns.

1. Product Selection:

By leveraging data-driven insights, we identified products on the client’s website that possessed significant purchase value, exceeding 100QAR. These high-value products were chosen for specialized promotional campaigns.

2. Optimized Campaigns:

Collaborating closely with our content writer, we crafted compelling copies for the selected products. These copies not only highlighted the features and benefits but also educated the target audience about the specific products. The aim was to create engaging campaigns that resonated with potential customers, driving both awareness and conversions.



The implementation of our tailored solution yielded exceptional outcomes for the client within the designated timeframe.

1. Average Order Value (AOV):

The AOV achieved during June reached an impressive 124QAR, surpassing the client’s previous records. This uplift in AOV indicates the increased value customers attributed to their purchases, resulting in enhanced revenue.

2. Reduced Marketing Spend:

Despite the challenge of reducing marketing expenses, our strategic approach enabled us to slash their marketing spend by 5% while maintaining the same number of orders. This improvement in efficiency contributed to a healthier bottom line for the client.

3. Impact on Pushowl Sales:

The success of our initiatives extended beyond AOV and marketing spend optimization. We also observed significant growth in PushOwl sales. By implementing our product selection and audience segmentation strategies, tailored campaigns drove sales and further improved ROAS, ultimately benefiting the client’s overall business performance.



Through our collaboration with the leading online pharmacy, we successfully managed to reduce marketing spend without compromising critical performance metrics. Our data-driven approach, combined with strategic product selection and compelling campaigns, resulted in impressive achievements: a remarkable AOV of 124QAR, an FB ROAS of 5.48, and reduced marketing expenses. These outcomes demonstrate the power of performance marketing and Meta Ads in driving revenue, enhancing efficiency, and optimizing marketing investments for businesses operating in the competitive pharmacy industry.

The Power of Meta Ads: How a Leading Online Pharmacy Achieved Remarkable Results

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