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20K Views with Trending Reels (and More) for a New Bookstore


One of our clients needed a grand online promotion for their bookstore inauguration. It was a giant step for them, and they wanted to ensure the footfall of bookworms in the town.

Blusteak played its part to ensure it was a memorable launch. We created Reels to hype the store and attract book lovers, and one of the Reels blew up to gather 20K views.

Read this case study to find out how Blusteak did it.


About the Brand

Our client, DC Books, has been hosting the annual Kerala Literature Festival (KLF) for many years. The fest is a platform for authors, poets and social activists to discuss and debate various issues. Recently, they inaugurated a new bookshop made specifically for KLF to conduct literary sessions and social talks throughout the year.


Our Challenge

This bookstore is the first for KLF, a fresh new step to facilitate literary discussions around the year. We needed to promote this event online and get enough traction on social platforms. The goal was to have the young readers visit the bookstore.


The Ultimate Solution

Targeted young audience on Instagram

Young readers in the city were our target audience. And Instagram is quite popular among youngsters. They use it to discover new books and connect with other “bookstagram” users. They spend hours on IG creating and watching Reels. So, we created Reels for the KLF store for this audience to have better chances of engagement.

Leveraged trending IG Reels formats

We used the trending Wes Anderson style Reel content and music to showcase the bookstore and the visiting readers. Using a trending Reel format, we hoped to capture the audience’s attention better. It also increases the likelihood of the Reel being shared and reaching a wider audience. It sure did.

Built confidence with aesthetics and interviews

We shot several videos with creative angles to convey the bookstore’s aesthetics and visual appeal, and entice people to visit the place. We also interviewed guests in the store and asked them to share their opinions with the audience. Seeing real-life people talking about the store helped create a pleasing impression and attracted many people.


The Result

We put up eight Reels overall, four of which achieved a combined reach of over 30K views. Among those, one Reel received close to 20K views. It got 1500 likes, 26 comments and 176 shares, thus helping us reach a lot of users.

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