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Brought 1 Million+ New Brand Audience with Influencer Marketing via Barter Collaboration

Blusteak recently collaborated with lifestyle brand UBON. It deals in consumer electronics like Bluetooth speakers & headphones, chargers, and other electronic accessories. It wanted to skyrocket its brand’s presence in South India.

And with one synchronized influencer marketing campaign, they built a viewership of 1 Million+ audience. 

Read this case study to find out how Blusteak did it.


About the Brand

UBON has 800 SKUs selling offline through 3000 distributors and its online site. It has many celebrity brand ambassadors, like Neha Kakkar, Tiger Shroff, Rana Daggubati and Honey Singh, through whom it has built good exposure in North India.

UBON wanted to generate the same exposure and brand credibility in South India as it has in the North. The need was to have a maximum audience for the brand UBON.


Our Challenge

We needed to onboard multiple influencers with good audience reach and engagement rates to catch as many eyes as possible. But the brand was unknown to most influencers in South India. The influencers also had concerns regarding the products’ quality and relevance to the audience.

To add to our troubles, the brand wanted to do a barter collaboration. It would give the products to the selected influencers instead of paying them.


The Ultimate Solution

Choose a platform

We choose Instagram as our primary platform. It brings excellent results regarding audience interaction with influencers while generating good viewership. We settled on Reels and Stories as deliverables.


Select ideal niche

Influencer selection was a challenge in this campaign. We had to hire multiple influencers with a wide audience range. And we also had to be close to the brand’s target audience. So, we looked for influencers from niches like Lifestyle, Tech and Fitness.


Check the metrics

We needed influencers with a good deal of viewership and high audience interaction. It was essential for brand development. So, we looked into influencers’ audience category, the number of followers, engagement rate and other metrics.

We selected influencers who had an engagement rate of 8% and above. And we checked the audience approach towards those influencers. We had 19 influencers who fit our ideal candidature to collaborate with the brand.


Convince the influencers

UBON wasn’t familiar to many Influencers. So, we needed to explain every important point for the collaboration. We discussed UBON in detail. And convinced influencers about the brand quality and impact in the North. Thus, we were able to onboard them for this barter collaboration campaign.

At one point, we were still determining if the campaign would be able to make its mark. But we were finally able to onboard the influencers we needed. And things were smooth after that.


Repurpose content for YouTube

We selected one of the best influencers from Instagram to create one YouTube Shorts video. It brought the brand in front of a different audience, thus attracting more sets of eyes. And the total view count more than doubled.


The Result

The campaign performance was outstanding for the client as well as for Blusteak. Videos on both Instagram and YouTube were shared and reshared by many.

The influencer in the image created a content idea that helped in UBON’s brand development. The content idea they ideated was of UBON assisting a mother to calm down her baby and make them sleep without disturbing others.

From Instagram Reels, we generated a total of 6,10,036 views; from Instagram Stories, the total view count was 43,918. You can see the reach and insights in image ‘b.’ 

ubon case study



ubon achievements



The same influencer was told to upload the IG Reel video as YouTube Short. This video had a view count of 7,10,000, as seen in the images below.

Brought 1 Million+ New Brand Audience with Influencer Marketing via Barter Collaboration


Brought 1 Million+ New Brand Audience with Influencer Marketing via Barter Collaboration


Brought 1 Million+ New Brand Audience with Influencer Marketing via Barter Collaboration


So, the brand received a video view count of 13,20,036 overall.



Selecting influencers with an engagement rate of above 8% worked well for us. We made them agree to do the barter collaboration. They used the product and got first-hand experience. So, their created content was genuine and more impactful.

We saw a high level of engagement and generated good viewership on both Instagram and YouTube. Also, the audience category and age group varied as we selected 19 influencers from different niches.

By picking influencers selectively from different niches and giving them a detailed brief about the brand, we achieved our goal.

Beware of hiring scams in our name; we never ask for payment from candidates.