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Increased YouTube Channel Organic View Count by over 8x Within 3 Months

Blusteak recently collaborated with an entertainment channel on YouTube to accelerate its growth. The team has been uploading content regularly for the last 4 years, but it wasn’t getting the results as expected.

Less than 3 months into our collaboration, the view count went over 8x of what it was earlier. Subscriber growth and Watch Time also soared high.

The numbers were unlike anything we saw in the music and entertainment industry campaigns. It was the first time we saw so much growth.

Read this case study to find out how Blusteak did it.


About the Brand

This channel offers music-centric content on YouTube, featuring original tracks of artists. Apart from that, it creates documentaries and unscripted shows and even broadcasts live jams with music artists. The goal is to become the preferred online destination for music discovery.


Our Challenge

The brand relied heavily on advertisements to promote each video upload. Our main challenge was to get organic reach instead. We had to bring as many new and unique viewers as possible while also focusing on growing the number of returning viewers. They are the ones who bring regular viewership that helps sustain and grow the channel. So, we must bring the average view count up, too, for each video upload.


The Ultimate Solution

Do a comprehensive audit

We started with a review of the current data. It included going over the average view count, views distribution chart and the potential demographics we could target. We then looked at the kind of content currently being produced and the upload frequency.


Identify the existing highest-value keywords

We identified the most effective keywords that were bringing in viewers to the channel. Those were the ones with the potential to bring new viewers and generate a high number of views. The idea was to milk those keywords properly.


Find potential new keywords

We researched keywords the channel could rank for. We focused on the ones relevant to the current demographic. It helped create better metadata for the uploads and improve presence in Youtube Search results.


Add niche keywords

Apart from the relevant keywords for the video, we also added category and industry-based keywords. It ensured that all video uploads got maximum visibility. When someone searches for anything closely related to the video content, our videos should be there standing out.


Perform weekly audits and analysis

We kept an eye on the channel to identify Top moments – Potential Dips as well as Spikes. The idea was to work on the content strategy accordingly and make it more effective. We suggested following a schedule as per our target upload frequency while optimizing content and improving wherever necessary.

These steps helped the channel in attracting new viewers and keep them coming back for more.


The Result

In about 70 days, the YouTube channel crossed 1B views organically, over 8x of the what it was since the beginning of the channel. Overall video views increased to 27M+ Hours, and the number of new subscribers in that duration is 2.5M+.

Increased YouTube Channel Organic View Count by over 8x Within 3 Months

Apart from that, Blusteak also achieved the challenge of returning viewers. We had 81.8M new unique viewers during that period, of which 9.3M were returning viewers. The average number of views per viewer stood at 11.4.


average views per viewer Youtube seo


Long-form content views stood at 664.7M, about 73.2% of the total views. Also, their average view duration was about 2 minutes. So, we will say, we were able to bring our ideal viewers to the videos and keep them engaged.

Our viewers found all the videos organically. The content appeared while in the feed, among the suggested videos and in the in-YouTube searches. There wasn’t an ounce of paid promotion.  In fact, YouTube search emerged as the largest source of traffic. We didn’t have to rely on the YouTube algorithm alone.




Adding potential new keywords and niche, industry-based keywords really worked out like a charm. The videos appeared in search more often. So, it improved visibility. As a result, our view count increased by 8x, along with a substantial growth in subscribers and Watch Time.

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