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Cuenote’s Influencer Marketing Triumph: 70+ Sign-Ups in a Day

Client: Cuenote

Service: Influencer Marketing


Cuenote, an innovative AI-powered learning and note-taking app, embarked on its journey to disrupt the education space. With a focus on facilitating effortless note-taking, memory enhancement, and efficient exam preparation, Cuenote aimed to create a buzz around its new product launch. The challenge was to build brand awareness quickly in a niche market.



To tackle this challenge, our team devised a targeted influencer marketing strategy. We identified a small influencer within our niche area, boasting 30K followers, who had a strong presence and engaged audience relevant to Cuenote’s offerings. With a limited budget of 3000 INR, we collaborated with this influencer for an Instagram Reel.



The influencer selection process was meticulous. We considered factors such as niche alignment, engagement rates, and cost-effectiveness. This thoughtful approach ensured that every rupee spent would yield significant results.

The selected influencer created a captivating Instagram Reel, highlighting Cuenote’s unique features and value proposition. The content resonated with the influencer’s audience and seamlessly integrated Cuenote’s benefits into their daily study routine.




The impact of this influencer marketing campaign was remarkable. Within just one day of the post, Cuenote witnessed a surge in sign-ups. The campaign garnered an astonishing 70+ new sign-ups, a stark contrast to the usual daily rate of 5+ sign-ups.


Key Takeaways:

1. Niche-Oriented Selection: Choosing influencers aligned with Cuenote’s niche was crucial. It ensured that the message reached a highly relevant audience genuinely interested in the product.

2. Engagement Matters: Focusing on influencers with good engagement rates maximized the campaign’s effectiveness. The influencer’s connection with their audience played a pivotal role in driving sign-ups.

3. Cost-Effective Collaboration: While the influencer marketing budget was limited, selecting a cost-effective influencer who delivered exceptional results proved to be a smart move.

4. Rapid Brand Awareness: The campaign successfully accelerated brand awareness within a short span, vital for a new product’s launch.


In conclusion, this influencer marketing case study for Cuenote underscores the power of thoughtful influencer selection, engagement-focused content, and the ability to achieve substantial results even with a modest budget. It exemplifies how strategic influencer partnerships can make a significant impact on brand growth and awareness.

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