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Elevating Brand Awareness in Fintech: A Triumph through Influencer Marketing

This case study delves into the triumphant collaboration between Tradinglegues, a pioneering Fintech gaming app, and our dynamic digital marketing team. Our spotlight was on executing a robust influencer marketing strategy to magnify brand awareness and access a wide-ranging audience, underlining the power of influencer collaborations in today’s competitive Fintech landscape. This case study illuminates the challenges encountered, our strategic solution, and the exceptional outcomes achieved over a month.


Client Overview:

Client Name: Tradinglegues

Industry: Fintech

Brief: Tradinglegues, a Fintech gaming app, embarked on a mission to enhance brand recognition and connect with a diverse audience base, solidifying its presence and credibility. As a newcomer, establishing a formidable brand identity across social platforms presented a unique challenge. Their prime goal was to harness influencer marketing to bridge this gap, spotlighting their innovation.

Service Focus: Influencer Marketing


Result Achieved:

– Collaborative Reel Views: 420,949

– Shares: 4,800

– Saves: 4,385


The Challenge:

Tradinglegues’ paramount challenge was to create substantial brand awareness within its target audience and to engrain its name into their memory. As a fledgling entity, crafting a distinctive identity amidst the social media cacophony was a formidable task. The need to position themselves effectively and resonate with their niche was crucial, prompting our exploration of influencer marketing as a viable solution.


Our Strategic Solution:

To address the need for brand recognition and audience engagement, our team formulated a meticulous influencer marketing strategy. The crux of our approach involved partnering with influencers whose content aligned with Tradinglegues’ values, thus ensuring a seamless integration within the influencer’s content stream.

1. Influencer Selection:

To ensure resonance, we opted for influencers in the tech and education spheres. These influencers possessed a young and engaged audience, a demographic congruent with Tradinglegues’ target market. Our careful selection enabled us to tap into a pre-qualified audience pool.


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2. Engagement Rate Strategy:

With a calculated engagement rate of 6.52% for education influencers and 4.05% for tech influencers, we capitalized on these influencers’ ability to authentically connect with their followers. This data-driven approach ensured maximum reach and interaction.



The execution of our influencer marketing strategy brought about exceptional outcomes within the span of a month.

1. Extended Brand Reach:

The collaborative reel between Tradinglegues and influencers achieved a staggering 420,949 views, a testament to the influencers’ impact in expanding the brand’s reach. This wide exposure significantly bolstered Tradinglegues’ presence in the Fintech arena.

2. Engagement and Interaction:

A total of 4,800 shares and 4,385 saves underscored the content’s resonance among the audience. These metrics represented active engagement, further embedding Tradinglegues’ brand into the consciousness of its target demographic.


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Through our symbiotic partnership with Tradinglegues, we successfully addressed their brand awareness challenge, emphasizing the pivotal role of influencer marketing in modern Fintech. By adeptly selecting influencers and leveraging their authenticity, we witnessed impressive results: a substantial increase in brand reach, meaningful engagement, and interaction. This case study underscores the potency of influencer collaborations in amplifying brand identity and widening customer connect within the dynamic Fintech domain.

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