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Revolutionary Ayurvedic Secret Unleashed: How AyurAlpha Surpassed ₹100,000 Sales in Just One Day!

Client: Ayur Alpha

Industry: Healthcare and Wellness

Client Overview:

Ayur Alpha, a prominent player in India’s Ayurvedic supplement market, is known for its commitment to blending traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with modern sustainable processes. Their product range addresses a variety of health concerns, including weight gain, hair fall, and digestive issues. As a part of Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital, with over five decades of Ayurvedic expertise, Ayur Alpha enjoys a strong reputation. Among their best-selling products are Staamigen Malt and Sakhi Tone.

Service Focus: Performance Marketing

Time Period: Independence Day Sale



Ayur Alpha’s goal was clear: to achieve sales of 1 lakh rupees during their Independence Day sale.


The Solution:

1. Lookalike Audience (LLA) Targeting (1-10%): We initiated a Lookalike Audience campaign to identify potential customers similar to Ayur Alpha’s existing client base. This strategy allowed us to expand our reach to a highly relevant audience.

2. Abandoned Cart Retargeting via WhatsApp: Leveraging WhatsApp marketing, we targeted users who had abandoned their shopping carts. Personalized messages and incentives encouraged them to complete their purchases.

3. Website Visitors Retargeting: We strategically retargeted website visitors who had shown interest in Ayur Alpha’s products but hadn’t made a purchase. This approach aimed to bring back potential customers and convert their interest into sales.

4. Video Viewers Retargeting: Recognizing the effectiveness of video content, we retargeted users who had engaged with Ayur Alpha’s promotional videos. We segmented audiences who had watched 25% and 50% of the video content for more personalized engagement.

5. Influencer Marketing: Collaborating with influencers, we created video content that highlighted Ayur Alpha’s products and their benefits. Subsequently, we retargeted the audience who had viewed these influencer videos, reinforcing the product’s appeal.

6. WhatsApp Bot Sales: By optimizing Ayur Alpha’s WhatsApp bot, we streamlined the sales process, offering customers an efficient way to make purchases. This channel proved instrumental in boosting sales.

7. Meta Ads Traffic Campaign: To drive traffic to Ayur Alpha’s WhatsApp bot, we executed a targeted traffic campaign on Meta Ads (formerly Facebook Ads). This led to increased visibility and engagement.

8. Retargeting Chatbot Add to Carts: We implemented a retargeting strategy for users who had added products to their carts via the chatbot. Enticing them with special offers and creative content, we aimed to convert these potential customers into buyers.

sakhi tone creative


staamigen creative


The results of our Independence Day sale campaign exceeded expectations:

Sales Achieved: ₹100,000/-

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 9.79Revolutionary Ayurvedic Secret Unleashed: How AyurAlpha Surpassed ₹100,000 Sales in Just One Day!

Ayur Alpha expressed great satisfaction with the campaign’s outcome. They acknowledged that our strategies not only met but surpassed their sales targets. The client appreciated our ability to blend traditional Ayurvedic values with modern marketing techniques to drive outstanding results.

In conclusion, our comprehensive performance marketing strategy effectively propelled Ayur Alpha’s Independence Day sale to remarkable success, achieving substantial sales growth and an impressive ROAS. This case study highlights the power of tailored digital marketing tactics in the healthcare and wellness industry.

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