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Transforming Leads into Prospects: A Digital Marketing Success Story for Logic School of Management


This case study delves into the remarkable journey of Logic School of Management, a prestigious institute in India specializing in professional financial courses. Focusing on BCOM ACCA, MBA ACCA, CPA, MCOM CPA, CS, and EA programs, we explore how a strategic digital marketing solution elevated their lead generation efforts. In a span of just three months, from June to August, Logic School of Management witnessed a significant surge in leads, addressing the challenge of poor lead quality attributed to website and landing page issues.


Client Overview:

Client Name: Logic School of Management

Industry: Professional Training Center

Brief: Logic School of Management is a leading educational institution in India, renowned for its professional financial courses, including CA, MCOM CPA, CPA (USA), CMA (USA), CMA (INDIA), ACCA (UK), BCOM ACCA, MBA ACCA, CS, and EA programs. These programs cater to aspiring professionals in the finance and accounting sector.

Services Focus: Lead Generation for Multiple Courses

Result Achieved: In the initial month, a substantial number of leads were generated for both the BCOM ACCA and MBA ACCA courses


The Challenge:

Logic School of Management faced a significant challenge with the quality of leads they were generating. Poor lead quality was attributed to issues on their website and landing pages, hindering their ability to attract and engage potential students effectively.


The Solution:

Our team executed a multifaceted approach to enhance lead generation quality, focusing on Whatsapp statistics, and initiating call-based outreach. The introduction of a lead form with targeted questions played a pivotal role in gathering higher-quality leads.

1. Whatsapp Statistics and Call Outreach:

We harnessed the power of WhatsApp statistics for lead collection. This allowed us to engage potential students through a familiar and convenient communication channel. Simultaneously, initiating personalized calls further strengthened our outreach efforts.

2. Customized Lead Form:

We designed a lead form that included specific, targeted questions. This form served as a valuable filtering mechanism, ensuring that leads met predefined quality criteria. This approach significantly improved the quality of leads, filtering out unqualified prospects.

Transforming Leads into Prospects: A Digital Marketing Success Story for Logic School of Management    Transforming Leads into Prospects: A Digital Marketing Success Story for Logic School of Management


The implementation of our solution bore fruit within a short time frame:

  • BCOM ACCA and MBA ACCA courses collectively garnered more than 20 conversions within the first month. These conversions were of notably higher quality, ensuring a more focused and efficient enrollment process.



Logic School of Management’s collaboration with our digital marketing team exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic lead generation. Over a three-month period, our multifaceted approach, which involved Whatsapp statistics, call outreach, and a customized lead form, resulted in a notable increase in lead quality. Logic School of Management now stands equipped to connect with high-potential students, ensuring the continued growth and excellence of their professional financial courses.


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