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60K+ Views and Several Valuable Leads with Influencer Campaign

One of our clients in the education industry, GeneMinds, was looking for well-qualified leads for its institution. It’s a consultancy firm helping students to study abroad. But the client’s online presence wasn’t yet widespread.

So, what we did was plan an Instagram influencer campaign. And the campaign turned out quite a success. The Reel was viewed over 60K times. This influencer campaign not only improved awareness but also brought leads.

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About the Brand

GeneMinds is a career guidance and advisory consultancy helping those who want to pursue higher education abroad. It guides and facilitates students to take admission in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has a strong network of international partners to provide all the necessary support to students.


Our Challenge

Although GeneMinds has a strong track record of placing students from many countries in their dream universities, it struggled to generate online leads. The main challenge was to establish a strong presence within the target audience. We also had to improve its brand awareness.


The Ultimate Solution

Chose Instagram as the target platform

We chose Instagram audience to influence and make them aware of our client’s study abroad services. Instagram has the most ideal audience demographic that aligns perfectly with the brand’s niche. Those young adults are the ones who often seek out international educational opportunities. 

Selected influencers aligning with the brand’s values

Next, we went through influencer profiles who aligned with the values of GeneMinds and resonated with the desired demographic. We planned to do a collaborative Reel video with the selected influencer, as Reels are highly engaging as well as entertaining.

Ran the best IG Reel as a video ad

One influencer Reel brought us 60K+ views. So, we repurposed that video as an ad creative and ran an ad on the platform. And it turned out to be a lead-pulling video, too. We generated significant traction and converted some of the views into highly-valuable leads.


The Result

This influencer marketing campaign for GeneMinds brought us remarkable results. The Reel video accumulated an impressive view count of over 60K. It was shared 314 times. And the ad we ran with this video brought the client 78 leads.

60K+ Views      Valuable Leads with Influencer Campaign

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