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271% Increase in Monthly Sales for Ayurveda eCommerce

Last month, one of our Ayurveda clients asked us to boost their product sales. They sold herbal dietary supplements, and they weren’t attracting customers as expected.

So, we gave ourselves a target to boost the sales by 2x.

We worked out a plan. And at the end of the month, we found that the sales crossed our expectations. It came out to be 271% (i.e., 2.71x) of what it was the previous month.

Read this case study to find out how Blusteak did it.


About the Brand

Our client prepares and sells Kerala Ayurvedic products. Through its online store, it delivers its natural dietary supplements to everyone who wants to maintain a natural and healthy lifestyle. We had to promote and grow the sales of their supplements.


Our Challenge

From what we observed, we saw that our prospective customers liked the products. They checked the product pages, and many even added them to carts. But most of the traffic didn’t translate to conversions. People weren’t buying.

Our challenge was to engage those prospects better and nudge them to buy and use the supplements. And we did so.


The Ultimate Solution

Targeted lookalike audience

We ran Facebook ads, targeting a lookalike audience to those who purchased earlier. This audience is more likely to be interested in our offered products, thus improving our conversions. We used our best-performing creatives and videos from earlier campaigns for the ads.

Retargeted those who added to cart

Next, we ran retargeting campaigns to give a little nudge to those prospects who added the health supplements to their cart. We used reviews and voiceover videos for this campaign as these kinds of videos push purchasing decisions. Apart from those videos, we also designed a few creatives with the products shot from different angles.

Started video views campaign

Then, we ran a video views campaign using the best-performing video creative. It attracted quite a number of people who could be our potential customers.

We used this campaign to create another retargeting campaign. It targeted those users who showed interest in the video and watched at least 25% to 50% of it. These viewers had a better chance of conversion.


The Result

At the end of the month, when the campaign ended, we witnessed a 271% increase in our total sales compared to the previous month. The conversion rate increased by 145%, and we also noticed an 11% bump in the average order value for the month.

271% Increase in Monthly Sales

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