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Viral Women’s Day Campaign for a PVC Pipe and Fittings Manufacturer

This Women’s Day, we worked out an inspiring campaign on women’s empowerment in the male-dominated plumbing industry. We created and posted the campaign video on Instagram and Facebook. And it really struck a chord with viewers.

The video went viral, attracting engagement on both platforms. It received thousands of likes and hundreds of shares.

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About the Brand

Kelachandra Group, headquartered in Kerala, India, is a well-known manufacturer of top-quality PVC pipes and fittings. It’s recognized for its commitment to producing long-lasting products. Its extensive product range offers customers reliable plumbing and water storage solutions. And its reputation for excellence has made the products a preferred choice among consumers.


Our Challenge

The pipes and fittings industry is primarily male-dominated. We wanted to highlight the power of women. And creating on-brand Women’s Day content for the brand was quite a challenge. We didn’t want to create just any campaign wishing women more success.


The Ultimate Solution

Identified the need to showcase a working woman

We decided to highlight the story of a woman that’s also relevant to our client’s industry. So, we featured the story of Shailaja Ayyappan, Kerala’s first woman plumber. She was honoured by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for breaking gender bias. 

She is from a tribal hamlet in Sholayar in Athirappilly who made her mark in a male-dominated industry like plumbing. She had a story that could inspire others.

Created a Reel with an inspiring message

Our team created a captivating video featuring the plumber and her journey. It turned out to be emotionally engaging, with an inspiring message of how women can break stereotypes. It resonated with viewers, who shared the video widely, creating a buzz around the campaign.


Shared to Facebook for better visibility

We leveraged trending hashtags on Instagram to amplify the reach of the campaign. Apart from that, we also posted it to the client’s Facebook page. It helped us build a widespread impact and positive brand image.

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The Result

The video was emotionally connecting and engaging. It showed women could do anything; they’re no less powerful. On Instagram, it achieved a 45K+ reach, 15K+ plays and 100+ shares. On Facebook, too, it saw a similar reach, with 3K+ engagements.

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