7 Working Ways to Monetize Your GPTs in ChatGPT

You GPT creators are on a roll! The GPT store already has 3+ million of these custom GPTs. And it’s not been easy to do so, we know. After all, building custom chatbots is time-consuming. So, you definitely need to monetize your GPTs in ChatGPT adequately.

Here, we’re listing seven ways you can earn from your custom GPT creations. Yes, the OpenAI store is only one of the many income sources you can have.

Let’s check them out.


How to Earn Money from your Custom GPTs

OpenAI GPT Store

The easiest way to monetize your GPTs, of course, is through OpenAI’s own GPT store. It pays you based on the popularity of your custom GPTs. You get paid based on the user engagement of your GPTs. The higher the usage, the better the payment.

However, the revenue-sharing model has a few shortcomings. The first issue is that the GPT store is available only to ChatGPT Plus users. Second: The program is currently limited to the US GPT builders.

Also, the creator’s pay is speculated to be only 10-20% of the revenue. So, earning high from the OpenAI’s marketplace might be a distant dream for most GPT builders.


Affiliate Marketing

A better option to monetize GPT chatbots is promoting affiliate products. Affiliate marketing is selling relevant products in return for a commission. By signing up for good affiliate programs, you can earn money through successful referrals/sales.

What you need to do first is find suitable products that align with the interests of your GPT users. Then, add their affiliate links to your GPT generations. If user engagement (and loyalty) of your GPTs is high, you can generate good income through affiliate marketing.

Just make sure that you choose reputable affiliate programs that track conversions effectively. It’s also important that the products/services you choose provide genuine value.


Brand Sponsorships

You can also explore brand sponsorships to earn through ChatGPT store bots. Collaborating with brands that align with the target users of your GPTs can be a lucrative earning opportunity.

Here, too, it’s essential that the brand aligns with your GPT’s target audience and values. Train your GPTs to add a line or two of sponsored content at the top (or bottom) of the conversations, and you’re good to go.

Partnership with relevant and reputed brands is a win-win for everyone. They get exposure, you get money, and your GPT users find a beneficial product/service.

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Paid Memberships

Paid memberships can be another effective monetization option for GPTs. An indirect one, though. You can start it off as a close, private community with premium access to behind-the-scenes content. It’s more like entering the creator economy.

A subscription-based community of dedicated members can generate some recurring income for sure. From early access to specialized chatbots to priority support and feature requests, you can offer a lot of perks to your loyal user base.

You can try platforms like Circle, Patreon and Substack depending on your use. Just ensure that you provide valuable offerings to incentivize users to become paying members.

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Crowdfunding Tips

A variation of the paid membership subscription model is getting tips/donations from users. To begin with, you can add a link to your PayPal in your GPT generations. That way, your GPT users can send you back some love in the shape of money.

Buy Me a Coffee and Liberapay are a few popular sites that cater to digital creators. These crowdfunding platforms can help gather finances from your custom GPT fans.

Social media sites, like Twitter, YouTube and Twitch, also have Tip Jars that you can enable. Create highly beneficial custom chatbots, and you can monetize your GPTs efficiently. Just train your GPT to add a link to the tipping service you prefer.


Consultation Calls

If your GPTs offer free ideas or processes, you can monetize them with consultation calls. You need to build GPTs that position you as a subject matter expert in your niche. Then, you can offer hourly one-on-one sessions and provide personalized insights to those who sign up.

Your GPTs should be highly tailored to address specific user needs, ensuring high value. Then, you can provide personal consultations to those who need help with implementation.

Although it might not be the best way of monetization for every GPT creator, it’s undoubtedly a good option. You can even monetize just your expertise in building custom chatbots, instead of being a subject matter expert of something.


Custom Merchandise

And the last GPT monetization method is to sell custom merchandise. It’s the best way to go for graphic GPT creators.

The idea is to create and offer your creative generations as physical products and make money from them. Print-on-demand services make it easy to create and sell t-shirts, mugs or stickers without the need for inventory or upfront costs.

Whether your GPT generates fun graphics or catchy phrases, you can get them in print and sell them. You can promote your store through social media, of course, or plug its link into other users’ GPT generations to increase sales.

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Wrapping It Up

While the OpenAI Store offers an easy way to monetize your GPTs, you have other better ways to earn more. So, choose the methods that best align with your goals and values and grow your target audience accordingly.

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